Five by Five at TeenDreams!

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Last night, I found one of my personal favourite image sets ever in the TeenDreams archive. It’s a few years old now, and it shows five lovely teenage girls fooling around with one another. I’d only seen the few free pics that had been available in the public galleries before, so I was over the moon to find the whole set (110 images)!

I remembered how many “sessions” I’d finished off looking at those girls! My favourite back then was the little one on the left of the pic below. I even remembered how I’d made up a little fantasy about knowing her, which I’d explored a few times in chat rooms… naughty, I know, but very very nice! :oops:

So it was a great treat to see the whole image set at last, to watch the girls as they progress from coyly showing their tits right through to giving each other’s pussies serious poundings with an assortment of dildos!

But that’s only half the story for TeenDreams members! Because there is also a video to download! The video is in two parts, ‘cos it’s so long – the two halves combine to make 42 minutes of pure lesbian teen pleasure! I have to confess that I haven’t quite viewed the whole thing yet – I only managed the first twelve minutes or so of the first video file before I… well, you know! :oops:

So this is another great example of the absolute treasures that are to be found in the TeenDreams archives! I never thought I’d see those girls together again, let alone be able to download 42 minutes of video of them!

Obviously, I don’t know if you will share my absolute enthusiasm for this particular scenario and group of girls! I hope you do though; maybe you remember them even more clearly than I, or possibly this is the first time that you’ve seen them!

But whoever your favourite girls are, past and present, there’s a good chance that you’ll see a good number of them inside TeenDreams! After all, there are over 1.4 million (1,400,000!!!) images and 1,320 movies in the TeenDreams members’ area! Why not check out the TeenDreams tour to see a selection of some of the 5,000+ girls that are inside!

P.S. Oh, and talking of favourite girls, did you spot that the cute little blonde in the middle of the first pic and on the right of the second pic is a young Katerina Covet? :)

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