Katerina – careful what you wish for!

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Katerina is my girlfriend, my fab girlfriend! LOL, I wish!!! And who wouldn’t wish for her to be their girlfriend! I mean, this girl is just fantastically gorgeous, isn’t she! Especially if she wakes up looking like that in the mornings, with a perfect smile and looking so sexy in her cotton t-shirt and white knickers! And it just gets better when she pulls her knickers down and starts to masturbate as you watch, teasing you by keeping her t-shirt on (‘cos she knows that you’re aching to see her terrific tits), until she finally reveals her breasts to you, signalling that she’s ready for you to join in!

But be careful what you wish for! It’s true that Katerina’s t-shirt says “To My Fab Girlfriend”! But it goes on to say “Shop til you drop”! Ah, see, there’s a downside, there usually is!

Maybe that’s the difference between a wish and a dream! A wish may have consequences, whereas a dream doesn’t!

At TeenDreams, we don’t have to worry about whether Katerina will have expensive tastes and damage our credit ratings! But we can still dream about her, fantasise about what she’d be like in bed as we gaze upon her smooth pussy, and – maybe best of all – dream about the special treat that she would give us between her tits, and the pearl necklace that we would so willingly give her!

And at TeenDreams we don’t have just one fab girlfriend! Oh no, we have more than 5,000 fab girlfriends, with millions of photos and over a thousand videos to fuel our dreams! Come on and take the TeenDreams free tour and see some of the fabulous girls who could soon become your dream girlfriends!

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Heavy breathing with Katerina!

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Katerina captured on video at TeenDreams

These images are taken from a wonderful video appeared today in the TeenDreams members’ area!

The girl is Katerina L, who we have looked at once before on this blog (see “Katerina and her amazing breasts!“), but this is her first video! And what a video it is! It starts off with Katerina dressed quite sexily in a short little mini and a top that isn’t really large enough to accomodate her magnificent breasts – something that I find sexy in itself!

But anyway, Katerina starts to undress slowly, removing her top first and then her skirt. I’m not sure if she has got particularly sensitive breasts, or if the thought of making the video is turning her on, but there’s a little damp patch on her panties before she’s even really touched herself much down there! Good girl!

Once she is naked, we watch as Katerina starts to masturbate, still standing up. We are treated to some excellent views of her pussy as she fingers herself, and her breathing becomes more and more heavy. She takes herself to the brink of orgasm twice before she settles down on the armchair, where she finally allows herself to cum!

And I bet there will be plenty of TeenDreams members breathing heavily with Katerina as they watch her video! And you could be enjoying Katerina as well! Join TeenDreams today and you will be watching this sexy teenager’s video in no time! And don’t forget, TeenDreams have over 1,320 more teen movies available for their members!

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Katerina and her amazing breasts!

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Katerina lifts up her dress to show us her fabulous tits!Today I’d like to introduce you to Katerina! Her first photoshoot for TeenDreams only appeared in the members’ area on Monday!

So what do you think? Cute and sexy, wouldn’t you say? And there aren’t many teenage girls with tits like that, are there! They’re fabulous! Plump, round, firm, and – frankly – huge in comparison to the rest of her petite figure! No prizes for guessing what you’d like to slide up into that fantastic cleavage!

And I love that expression on her face! A kind of knowing, amused smile, as if she’s thinking, as she holds up her dress so that we can see her breasts, “I just knew those are what you’re after!”

But – and take my advice on this – don’t let her stop there! Katerina has got a lovely round behind as well, and a beautifully neat pussy that she spreads willingly for the members at TeenDreams!

And don’t forget that TeenDreams have over five thousand girls inside the members’ area! You can see some of what TeenDreams holds in store when you take the TeenDreams tour!

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