Lola Models Some Wooly Dresses by the Pool

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Lola models some wooly dresses by the poolThis is one of the more unusual sets that we’ve featured on the TeenDreamsBlog, but, as they say, variety is the spice of life! And the girl, Lola, is absolutely gorgeous and a great favourite at TeenDreams; it’s always a pleasure to look at Lola’s fabulous body! So, what’s going on here? Well, Lola is modelling some wooly dresses by the indoors pool – and making sure that we see plenty of her pretty little hairless pussy along the way! And when she’s done, she gets into the pool – naked, of course – to cool off a little! Although, I can tell you, she had exactly the opposite effect on me, just like she always does, whatever she’s wearing, whatever she’s doing! And, believe me, Lola does plenty inside TeenDreams! Check out the rest of our posts about Lola on the TeenDreamsBlog to see more of this gorgeous peroxide blonde!

Lola poses naked in the pool

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Caprice and Lola

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In my experience, it’s a very rare thing to find yourself a girlfriend who’ll let you watch her at play with her girlfriend! Of course, what she may or may not get up to while you’re off at football on a Saturday is an entirely different matter! Luckily for us, though, Caprice and Lola don’t seem to mind us watching – in fact I think they rather like the idea!

Caprice and Lola from TeenDreams

But once they get into it – and each other – they seem to forget that there’s anyone else in the room. Until they are both satisfied, if you know what I mean! And then they look round at us, all smiles.

Brown-eyed girls - Caprice and Lola from TeenDreams

And another really good thing about Caprice and Lola is that we don’t have to miss the match to watch them! Because once you’ve joined TeenDreams, you can look at their photoset whenever you like! And if you fancy playing away, well, there are around 6,000 other girls waiting on the bench!

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Lola’s Back – and it feels so good!

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Lola is back at TeenDreamsIt had been nearly four months since the last new Lola photoset had appeared at TeenDreams! And that was four months too long, if you ask me! Lola is one of the sexiest – and cutest – girls ever! I’ve always been a sucker for Lola’s pretty face, her gorgeous tits and her lovely round ass! Ever since she first appeared at TeenDreams in March 2007! And here’s a little pic from way back then!

Lola in her first ever TeenDreams photosetBut the good news is that Lola’s back with a terrific new set! And it feels so good! Seeing Lola again feels like kicking a habit! Ha ha, or picking back up with an old one!

So now there are 16 photosets and 3 videos of Lola for TeenDreams members to enjoy! Perfect! So join TeenDreams today and kick-start your Lola habit!

Lola shows off her wonderful curves at TeenDreams

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Lola’s All Grown-Up Now!

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Lola is back at TeenDreamsIt was quite a few months ago that we last saw Lola on the TeenDreamsBlog, last August to be precise! And not having seen any new photosets of Lola in the TeenDreams members’ area since then either, I was begining to worry that one of my very favorite girls may have stopped modelling!

But no, Lola’s back! And – oh my goodness – it looks like she’s been through some changes! And she looks all grown up now! She’s definitely a little slimmer, her hair is shorter than it used to be, and much less “peroxide blonde” as well. And her demeanour seems to have changed too, she’s become much more sultry-looking! And she definitely looks much dirtier – in a good way!

So what do you think of the “new” Lola? As for me, I’m not necessarily known as a person who likes change, but I have to say “Phwoar!”, she looks stunning! If we’re not careful, Playboy or Penthouse (or both) might try to woo her! Which is cool, because TeenDreams will always be the place to go to get Lola’s “early” photosets and videos, dating as far back as March 2007! 

Lola spreads her pussy lips at TeenDreams

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A Satisfying Experience with Lola at TeenDreams

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Lola lays back on the bed at TeenDreams

Lola shows us her pretty little bra

It’s always a great joy when a new photoset of gorgeous blonde teen Lola arrives at TeenDreams! And as you can see from these pics, Lola’s latest set is a classic! Lola’s looking as amazing as ever, and that outfit is so “just right”! I’d love to see Lola out and about in that little skirt on a windy day in town, it’s so light and so short that we wouldn’t have to wait long before the wind blew it up, treating us to a view of her sexy panties!

Not that we have to wait long at TeenDreams to see her panties, and more besides! Because Lola wastes little time in taking everything off so that she can show us her beautiful – nay, perfect! – pussy, and how she loves to satisfy herself with her golden vibrator! And I’m sure that you’d be satisfied many times over by Lola, once you saw the thriteen image sets and three videos that she has inside the members’ area at TeenDreams! And then, no doubt, plenty of the other TeenDreams girls would induce you to satisfy yourself as well! Why not take a look at some of them on the TeenDreams free tour! It’s no wonder that TeenDreams has so many satisifed members!

Lola from TeenDreamsLola spreads her legs at TeenDreams

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Lola’s naked at TeenDreams!

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TeenDreams LolaLola spreads her legs at TeenDreams

Lola is a very popular girl at TeenDreams! And looking at these pictures from her latest photoshoot, it’s not hard to see why! She is absolutely perfect, don’t you think; her beautiful, flawless face, those perky little titties, and that oh-so-neat and perfectly hairless pussy! Wouldn’t you just love to have Lola wandering around naked like that in your garden! And then in your bedroom, no doubt! You might even be tempted to give her a proper pearl necklace!

And when you watch Lola’s video interview at TeenDreams, you realise that that she doesn’t just look the part – Lola really is an ever-so-sweet girlie-girl! Absolutely adorable in every way! And TeenDreams members have plenty of Lola to adore – there are over 1,300 pictures and three videos of Lola (not counting her interview) inside the members’ area!

Why don’t you have a look at the TeenDreams free tour where you’ll see lots of lovely girls like Lola who are hoping that you’ll want to come inside TeenDreams!

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Lola’s looking so sexy!

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Lola is one of my all-time favorite TeenDreams girls, and so I was very happy to hear that another photoset featuring this lovely blonde teen was to be released into the members’ area last week! And I can tell you, I wasn’t in the slightest disappointed when I saw the pictures! I mean, just look!…

Lola shows us her panties at TeenDreams

Lola looks great with her hair in ponytails like that, and her outfit is spot on too! The vest top, with no bra underneath – you can just make out her nipples through it (easier to see when you’re looking at the original picture, which is 1780 x 1186)! And the little pink tartan mini – so short anyway, but naughty Lola’s tucked it under in this pic so that we can see her panties too! I bet she’s a nightmare to be around – such a prick tease! In a good sort of way though! Ha! But I wonder if she realised that her panties were pulled up so tight as to show us the contours of her pussy lips? Probably not, but I doubt she’d have been too bothered anyway! Because Lola’s not averse to opening her legs and letting TeenDreams members see a lot more than just her lips! And sure enough, before the end of the photoset Lola has made sure we’ve had a good look at everything! Good girl! She doesn’t take off those sexy little white socks though – after all, a girl’s entitled to retain a little modesty!

There are now ten photosets of Lola inside TeenDreams, as well as three videos! That’s a whole lot of Lola! And don’t forget that, as well as Lola, there are more than 5,600 girls inside TeenDreams! Take a look at the TeenDreams free tour if you’d like a taste of the delights that await you inside!

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Lola’s raunchy new clubbing outfit!

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When we looked at Lola in December (“Lola tries on her old uniform!“), we saw her trying on her old skoolie uniform, but today she’s showing us a very different look; she’s wearing her best going-out-clubbing outfit! And doesn’t she look great in it!!!


Her boob-tube will really attract attention on the dance floor as it reflects the lights, and once she’s been noticed, every guy will be imagining what lovely firm titties Lola has, and they’ll be watching and wondering if her top will slip down as she dances!

But the bottom half of her outfit is perhaps even sexier and more teasing! First off, she’s wearing those fabulously raunchy fishnet tights! You’ll realise straight away that they are tights and not hold-ups, because her skirt is so short that, if they had been hold-ups, you’d be able to see her stocking tops!

So then, with her skirt being that short, you’ve gotta be wondering if you’re going to get a good peek up there, and whether Lola’s wearing panties or not!

Of course, if you were a TeenDreams member, you’d know that you’ll get a good look up her skirt – and then some! As a member you’ll be able to watch Lola undress and reveal her whole body to you in this superb set of 188 pictures, first showing you her breasts and then her perfect pussy and ass, before she finally starts to finger-fuck herself!

TeenDreams now have eight full photosets and three videos featuring Lola! And, if you fancy Lola even half as much as I do, you’ll be wanting to get your hands on them all! And you can, when you join TeenDreams! Just think, Lola could be undressing for you tonight!

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Lola tries on her old uniform!

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Lola looking hot in her old uniform!Lola looking even hotter!

This absolute hottie is Lola! She lives in Brno in the Czech Republic, but travelled to Prague to meet up with the TeenDreams crew when they were over there recently!

These pictures are taken from her excellent fifth TeenDreams photoshoot, and, as you can see, she starts off in her old school uniform! It still fits her perfectly, if a little tight around the bust! :) Even so, it’s not long before she’s completely naked, except for her tie and little white ankle socks! And boy, what a body she has! And she’s none too shy about it either, she wants us to see every inch of her natural perfection, bending over and spreading like there’s no tomorrow!

Inside the members’ area at TeenDreams, there are plenty of lovely girls like Lola (why not take a look at a selection of them on the TeenDreams free tour), and quite a number of them have posed in their uniforms as well! Heck, TeenDreams could give St Trinian’s a run for their money any day of the week!

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