Alena – a girl for all seasons

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Alena shows pussy at TeenDreamsTeeny bopper Alena from TeenDreams

Today I hope that you will allow me to indulge myself a little with one of my favorite girls from the TeenDreams members’ area, Alena! For me, Alena ticks all the right boxes; perfect face, great little titties, and a fabulously small, yet nicely-rounded, behind! But perhaps Alena’s most enduring quality is her versatility! Whether you’re in the mood to see her all glammed-up (and grown-up!) as in the pic on the left, or all teeny-bopper-like like she is on the right, with her bright pink cotton knickers and multi-coloured socks, Alena is equally at home! And whether you want to see her sexily stripping off in solo girl sets or sucking cock and fucking, Alena’s up for it! And so am I! Whew!

And at TeenDreams, there’s enough of Alena to keep even her most ardent fan (me!) happy! TeenDreams have eleven image sets featuring Alena (that’s 1,381 pictures in all), as well as four great videos! So, you know what to do – join TeenDreams to get hold of all of this wonderful girl for all seasons’ pics and videos! It’s the next best thing to getting hold of Alena herself!

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Watching Alena in the shower!

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An absolutely wonderful video was released into the TeenDreams members’ area today! And these pictures are taken from screenshots of that video!

We watch as the lovely Alena gets into the shower, still wearing her sexy see-through dress. She doesn’t take it off to start with, and the soaking wet material starts to cling to her as she plays the shower jet all over her body, but paying especial attention to her fabulous little tits and her behind!

I’ve always admired Alena, but seeing this video shows just how tight and firm this girl’s body is, especially her ass! Sheesh, I love that ass!

After a while, Alena lets her dress fall to the floor and she starts to play with her pussy. There are some amazing close-up sequences as we see how Alena likes to masturbate, with two fingers inside herself, while vigorously rubbing on her clit with her other hand! And then she starts to rub the shower rose against her clitoris, and you can see that this really has a strong effect – Alena is now leaning back against the wall to support herself and her breathing is becoming audibly harder.

Eventually Alena squats down in the corner of the cubicle, and masturbates herself to a shuddering orgasm! And boy! – do I mean shuddering! Her whole body shakes as she cums, it’s a totally amazing sight watching such a pretty girl orgasm like that!

And finally, once she has regained her composure and control of her muscles, Alena stands up and starts to dry herself off, and the video comes to an end!

If you like to watch girls masturbating, and if you like Alena, you’ll be sure to love this video! Nearly ten minutes of totally absorbing viewing! And I should tell you that there are over 1,300 photos of Alena and three other videos of her as well inside the TeenDreams members’ area – two more solo girl videos, and one where she is with a very very lucky guy!

If you want to get a hold of Alena’s pics and videos, treat yourself to a TeenDreams membership, you’ll be thanking yourself that you did!

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Alena’s first hardcore photoshoot at TeenDreams!

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Alena takes a glass of wine, perhaps to steady her nerves, at the start of her first hardcore photoset on TeenDreams

Alena takes a glass of wine to steady her nerves at the start of her first hardcore photoset on TeenDreams

It’s always a special moment when one of your favourite girls takes it to the next level, in terms of what she does infront of the camera – whether it be showing her tits for the first time, or going fully nude and spreading her legs, or doing a boy/girl set for the first time!

Well, Alena is already a great favourite with TeenDreams members and non-members alike! Even if you’re not a member, you may well have seen her with her legs spread in some of the free galleries that TeenDreams give away, such as this sample gallery in which Alena shows everything!

But now she has taken it to the next level – her first hardcore images have been released into the TeenDreams members’ area! And they’re well worth the wait! As you see from the first picture, Alena takes a glass of wine at the start of the photoshoot, perhaps to settle her nerves a little – I fancy that she is looking a little nervous. But she’s looking darned cute as well, don’t you think, in a sexy little pinafore dress that would not look out of place in the diner at Summer Bay!

I’m not going to give too much away about the rest of the sequence – but suffice it to say that any reservations we may have had about Alena’s nerves disappear when we see how eagerly she pounces upon the guy’s cock with her lips! In no time he is ready for action, and gives Alena a fucking that she won’t forget for a very long time!

And I doubt that the members will forget the 210 images from Alena’s first hardcore set on TeenDreams for a very long time either – I certainly won’t! Don’t miss out on this memorable experience with Alena – join TeenDreams today!

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Alena – who’s that girl?

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Alena's TeenDreams adAlena from TeenDreamsI’ve been asked a couple of times about the girl in one of the little TeenDreams ads (see left).

Well, her name is Alena, and she’s a beautiful young girl from the Ukraine! Alena has a picture-perfect face, and a body to dream of! You can see more of Alena in this sample image gallery from TeenDreams; never have denim shorts looked this good before! But I think that you’ll agree that the view gets even better when she takes them off!

TeenDreams members already have access to 10 photosets featuring Alena, a total of 1,171 images! And on top of this, yesterday her first video was released into the TeenDreams members’ area! Over 15 minutes of Alena in HD! Here is the description of that video from inside TeenDreams…

“Blonde hottie Alena just loves to show off her sweet ass and this movie begins with her bent over the bed in doggy position. As she slowly removes her sexy white lingerie you can see her pert little breasts and neatly trimmed pussy. Her fingers are eager to explore her wet hole and she manages to get almost her whole hand inside herself. Her pussy is finger fucked from all sides until her body shakes and shudders to a climatic orgasm.”

Sounds too good to be true? Well, I can tell you, it looks even better than it sounds!

Take a look at the TeenDreams free tour – you really don’t want to miss out!

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