Mandy – A Personal Favourite

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Mandy shows off her round ass at TeenDreamsMandy lifts up her top

Today I thought that I’d bring you a couple of pictures of the delightful Mandy! They’re not new pictures, they’re just a couple of my personal favourites! I’ve always been a great fan of Mandy (who is also sometimes known as Lisa), with her perky little tits and her narrow hips! And she just looks so hot in that little top and that wonderful little denim mini!

Of course, I don’t know if Mandy is a favourite of yours or not! But if she is, I don’t mind sharing her with you! And if she isn’t, well, all is not lost! With over 5,600 really hot girls inside TeenDreams, there’s every chance that you’ll see several of your favourite girls there!

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I’m Mandy, Drive Me!

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“It’s a hot and sunny summer day, and a beautiful young lady is walking along a country road. Nothing unusual in that, you may say! But look at the way she’s dressed, my dear Watson; flimsy evening dress, showy little handbag, high heels! Not the attire one would usually associate with a quiet stroll in the country, I would suggest!”

“By Jove, Holmes, you are right! And look,” added the good Doctor, “the poor lady is bereft of undergarments! What on earth could have happened to her! Should we proffer our assistance, Holmes!”

“Relax, my good friend, and listen! Do you not hear that automobile in the distance! I fancy that the young lady’s knight in shining armour may be not too far away, and this affair may reach a more than satisfying conclusion if we do not expose ourselves!”

Watson could not resist the opportunity to test further the great sleuth’s powers of observation and deduction, and so he asked “Can you tell me any more of the vehicle and its occupants, at this juncture, Holmes?”

“Most certainly, Watson! I have sufficient information at my disposal to be able to tell you exactly how this episode will play out!”

“You cannot have, Holmes, we have seen nothing of it yet!”

“On the contrary, my dear Doctor! The young lady before us goes by the name of Mandy, and the fast approaching car is being driven by another girl of tender years, whose name, if I am not very much mistaken, is Suzie Carina! I can tell from the engine note that she is in a hurry, and can only surmise that she has borrowed her daddy’s car on the pretext of going to the library, but is – in fact – on the way to a secret assignation with the aforementioned Mandy!”

“I cannot believe a word of this, Holmes!”, blustered Watson! “You must be making this up! I suppose that you are going to tell me the exact nature of their devious and tawdry rendez-vous as well, Holmes!”

“Oh, there is nothing devious here, Watson, nor anything tawdry! ’tis the oldest story in the book! Young love, pure and simple! Now hush – the car approaches!”

The two companions crouched down so that they could observe with being observed themselves, and Watson watched with growing astonishment as the whole scene played out just as Holmes had foretold! As the girls began to fulfill their natural lesbian wants and desires, with the aid of a large plastic device, Holmes could not help but notice that it was not only Watson’s astonishment that was growing, but he did not comment on this observation, so as to save his friend’s blushes!

After the two girls had climaxed, Holmes and Watson set off home. The Doctor was unusually quiet, and went straight to his room on their return to Baker Street. At breakfast the next morning, the good Doctor asked hesitanty “My dear Holmes, I have been up half the night thinking about what we saw yesterday, and the uncanny way in which you were able to foretell everything! Please enlighten me on your deductive process, my good friend!”

“It was elimentary, my dear Watson; the previous evening, when you were busy playing rummy with Lestrade and your other cronies, you will recall that I was ensconced in my room, having given clear instructions to Mrs Hudson that I was not to be disturbed! Well, simply put – and I know I can speak frankly of this matter, as you are a medical man, Watson, and will not be shocked at what I about to tell you – I was pleasuring myself as I previewed the entire sequence of 172 images, depicting Mandy and Suzie’s romantic meeting inside the members’ area of the most excellent TeenDreams website! You should try it for yourself, Watson! They have more beautiful young ladies inside than you could ever dream of!”

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