Eve – Model of the Month, November 2008

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Congratulations to the lovely Eve, who was voted “TeenDreams Members’ Model of the Month, November 2008″! Eve has been with TeenDreams since the end of last year, with her first photoset appearing in the members’ area on 27-12-07. Of course, since then more Eve photosets have been added, and these two pictures are from the most recent ones.

And it’s no wonder Eve is rated so highly by the members! She’s perfect in every way! There’s a natural beauty about her face and demeanour, and her body – well – it would be hard to imagine a better body! Just look at Eve’s breasts, nice and high, neither too large nor too small, and capped off with perfect symetrical nipples! And looking lower down, what an amazing ass, rounded, firm and unblemished! And then between her legs, such a beautiful, beautiful pussy! Oh yes, Eve’s definitely a most worth winner!

And to be voted “Model of the Month” at TeenDreams really is quite some accolade, considering that TeenDreams is stuffed full with more than 5,600 gorgeous girls! Check out the TeenDreams free tour to find out more about the benefits that TeenDreams members enjoy, as well as seeing some more of the fabulous girls awaiting you inside!

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Eve – beautiful and sexy!

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Beautiful and sexy - Eve from TeenDreamsOh my goodness! What a babe! What do you think? This is Eve, a new girl on TeenDreams! I only saw her myself for the first time just minutes ago, and – frankly – I’m almost speechless! This girl is a stunner! Both beautiful and sexy!

You could easily imagine her to be a fashion model – but luckily for us she has become a TeenDreams girl! So as well as admiring Eve in her sexy lingerie, TeenDreams members see her slip off her bra to reveal those lovely firm breasts! And Eve doesn’t stop there, she takes off those silky panties to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy and her perfect, perfect behind!

Eve is the sort of girl that dreams are made of! Definitely the sort of girl that TeenDreams are made of! The sort of girl whose pictures are sure to send the members to bed happy, content and satisfied!

Would you like to satisfy your desire to see more of Eve? To see all of Eve?

Well, you can! You don’t need to torture yourself! You don’t need to wonder what Eve looks like naked! You can see for yourself! Simply join up with TeenDreams today, then you can go to bed with a smile on your face, and with Eve on your mind!

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