Veronika A Takes a Shower at TeenDreams

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I am, I have to admit, particularly partial to Veronika F; she’s lean, blonde and sexy, and regularly strips off for TeenDreams! What’s not to love, as they say!

And this shower scene from Veronika F is one of my favourites! It’s not just yet another shower scene though, it’s got some stuff going on that sets it aside from the rest! When we first see Veronika, she is wearing nothing more than her white lacy knickers, which she pulls down to around her thighs, which makes them look a bit like the tops of hold up stockings, and is kind of sexy in itself in a strange way. And then, for whatever reason, Veronika decides she needs to wash her breasts over the sink, and in so doing discovers that the corner of the bowl is just the right height to rub herself against! By the way, did you know that getting sexual pleasure from rubbing yourself against an inanimate object is called ‘frottaging’? Still, I digress…

Veronika F gets sexy in the shower room

Anyway, Veronika F then decides that it’s time to lose her panties entirely and to get into the shower. In fact, that’s the only ‘trick’ they missed with this photoset, it would have been nice to see Veronika’s panties get soaking wet, but hey, you can’t have everything! Even so, we are treated to loads of gorgeous pics of Veronika’s body, naked and wet! And what’s more, Veronika gets her hair wet as well, which I know that some guys have a particular ‘thing’ for too!

So, all in all, there’s more than enough to keep your interest up throughout this wonderful 135 image photoset! And you can download the whole thing as one handy zip file once you have joined TeenDreams, which is, after all, the best teen/babe oriented site on the web!

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Veronika F Posing Naked on Location

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Veronika F has never been renowned for opening her legs, not without knickers on anyway! But hey, there are plenty of girls who will open their legs, and some wider than you’d like! But you don’t find many girls as naturally beautiful as Veronika F, very few in fact! She’s probably one of the best looking girls around, and with such a lithe and fit body to match! So, I don’t know about you, but I’m more than happy to “admire” as we watch her take her bikini off and pose on a beautiful sunny beach! But if you still need something a little extra to tip you over the edge, well, there are plenty of girls who will give you that too inside TeenDreams!

Veronika F takes off her bikini and poses naked on the beach

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Masturbate inside TeenDreams with Veronika F!

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Veronika F is back at TeenDreamsIt’s been a while since any new photosets of gorgeous Veronika F (also known as Vicky F and Vicky Fastnerova) have appeared at TeenDreams, but I am delighted to say that the wait is over! Because Veronika is back with a super-sexy new set which is why my hands keep wanting to disappear off under the table every time that I stop typing!

And can you blame them? Don’t your hands want to do the same? When you look at this beautiful girl, and then down at her perfectly formed breasts, and again when you you look further down, and you see her legs apart, and her golden panties pulled up so tight that you can see the contours of her pussy through them, don’t you want to touch yourself?

I bet you do! But that’s cool, that’s what TeenDreams is for! TeenDreams bring you more than 5,600 of the hottest teens and sexiest babes on the web, so that you don’t waste your precious personal and private times hunting through loads of rubbish on the internet! You can get straight on with the important job of masturbating at TeenDreams, where even the classiest of chicks, like Veronika here, take their panties off so that you see everything that they have on offer!

And when you join TeenDreams, you have access to all the full photosets and videos! Don’t you want to see Veronika with her knickers off and with her legs open? And kneeling on the floor with her ass in the air, hiding absolutely nothing from your gaze and from your fantasies! Well, that’s exactly what you get at TeenDreams, so make the most of your special private time; masturbate inside TeenDreams today!

Veronika F gets naked inside TeenDreams

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Veronika F is your Private Dancer at TeenDreams!

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Veronika F is a very popular girl at TeenDreams, and her latest photoshoot will, I am sure, cause her popularity to swell to new heights! Veronika wants you to imagine that she is your private dancer at a lap dancing or table dancing club! And with pictures like these, that’s very easy to do! Imagine Veronika standing over you; you’re looking up at her, looking at her camel-toe, and then further up at her perky little titties with their pert, erect nipples!

And, in case you’re wondering, this is a full-strip dance! Inside the TeenDreams members’ area you will get to see all – and I mean all! – of Veronika! And as you settle back to view Veronika’s pictures, you’ll probably feel tempted to have a five-finger dance of your own! I certainly did!

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An insatiable desire for Veronika F!

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Veronika F from
Veronika F shows off her ass and pussy at TeenDreams

Veronika F is a very very popular girl with the members at TeenDreams, and it’s easy to see why! Her face is lovely, but her body is simply heavenly, with those perky little tits and that gorgeous firm behind! But let’s not forget her perfectly neat and trim little pussy as well!

And at TeenDreams they listen to their members! There is a forum inside TeenDreams where you can generally shoot the breeze, talk about the girls, and make requests for more of a particular girl.

And so it came to pass that on Friday of last week, an excellent new photoset featuring Veronika appeared. And another new one yesterday (Monday) as well! Perfect! These two pics are taken from those new sets, both of which seem somewhat more “racey” than Veronika’s previous sessions!

I have a funny feeling, though, that the members’ desire for even more of Veronika will become even more insatiable (if that is possible!) as a result of seeing how Veronika is opening up more in these latest galleries!

So why don’t you take a look at the TeenDreams free tour to find out more about what goes on inside TeenDreams! And to check out some more of the girls as well! If you’re into teens and babes, TeenDreams is definitely the place to be!

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Veronika F – Members’ Model of the Month, January 2008

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Veronika frollicks in the waves at TeenDreamsCongratulations to Veronika, who was voted “Model of the Month” for January by TeenDreams members!

It was a very close contest, this month, possibly the closest in living memory! Jana G led for almost the whole month, then Veronika caught up, but then Jamie overtook the pair of them with just days to go! But in the end, Veronika won by three votes, with Jana and Jamie equal second! Whew!

TeenDreams now have nine full image sequences featuring the lovely Veronika! That’s 949 pictures of this gorgeous babe that members can download already! And, knowing how TeenDreams listen to their members, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we see even more of Veronika inside TeenDreams soon! Which is a good thing!

If you’re into gorgeous girls like Veronika – and I’m guessing that you are! – have a look at the TeenDreams free tour where you’ll see a selection of some of the 5,000+ girls that are waiting for you inside!

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Jana and Veronika battle it out!

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Veronika F from TeenDreamsJana G from TeenDreams

Jana and Veronika have plenty in common; both have been featured quite a lot at TeenDreams recently – and here on the blog too; they’re both absolutely stunning; and they are both contenders in the January TeenDreams Members’ Model of the Month Competition! Until yesterday, Jana (on the right) was just shading it, maintaining a slender advantage throughout most of the month. But yesterday, Veronika took the lead, and now just one vote separates the two babes!

So who would you vote for? It’s a very hard choice, but in a very good way! TeenDreams members have access to more than 900 images of each of these two babes to help them decide! And even if they can’t make up their minds, they’ll have a lot of fun trying!

And just imagine the fun that you could be having with the 5,600 girls featured inside TeenDreams! You can see some of them when you take the TeenDreams free tour! Just imagine what it would be like to have access to all of the 1.4 million images and 1,320 movies that are inside TeenDreams! All those girls, so little time!

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Sun, sand, and Veronika F!

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Veronika F shows her perfect figure at TeenDreamsVeronika F relaxes at TeenDreams

Today, I have brought two more pictures of the stunning Veronika F!

Veronika’s a fabulous girl, don’t you agree? She has a lovely face, but that figure! Wow! I could spend all day pool-side or on the beach just looking at Veronika – and I’d be writing home saying that I was on the best sight-seeing holiday of my life! Although, I guess, it might get uncomfortable lying on my front for all that time! ;)

Of course, TeenDreams members don’t have to be furtive and shy about how they admire Veronika! And Veronika certainly isn’t furtive or shy about showing herself off for the members’ delight either! There are already over six hundred images of Veronika – six separate image sequences – in the TeenDreams members’ area and there are still more to come!

You could be downloading all of those great images within minutes, you know! TeenDreams allows its members to download full image sequences quickly and easily in zip files – ready for you to unzip at your convenience! And once you’ve downloaded Veronika, there are more than 5,000 other girls inside, all vying for your attention!

So don’t waste any more time! Take the TeenDreams free tour, and see what TeenDreams holds in store for you!

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Veronika F goes riding on the beach!

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Veronika F has one of the cutest little asses ever!When I was looking back at the post in which I introduced you to Veronika F (“Veronika F – TeenDreams debutante!“), I realised that I had been remiss in my choice of pictures! I had not included a shot of what is arguably Veronika’s best asset, namely her ass!

Looking at today’s pic of Veronika, I’m sure that you can see what I mean! You don’t see many cute, smaller or rounder behinds than that, do you! Nice little glimpse of her perky right tit as well, as a bonus! :)

This pic is taken from Veronika’s third TeenDreams set, in which she takes a ride along the beach on a horse. I wonder if it’s her love of horseriding that keeps her behind in such trim shape!

But you gotta feel a bit sorry for the horse, though; he’s doing all the hard work and everyone else gets the benefit of watching Veronika ride like Lady Godiva along the beach! I bet there would have been more than a few Peeping Toms about that day! Luckily, though, we won’t be struck blind for gazing upon Veronika, in that way that Peeping Tom was when he peeked at Lady Godiva as she rode naked through the streets of Coventry, nearly 1,000 years ago.

You can see a little more of Veronika when you take the TeenDreams free tour! And you can see a lot more of Veronika when you join TeenDreams!

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Veronika F – TeenDreams debutante!

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Veronika F from TeenDreamsVeronika F frollicks on the beach at TeenDreams

Today I would like to present to you the totally gorgeous Veronika F!

Veronika was once a housemate on the Czech version of “Big Brother”! Sadly I didn’t see those programs, but I doubt that the TV viewers saw as much of Veronika’s fantastic lithe body as TeenDreams members can!

The pictures here are from two image sets that arrived in the TeenDreams members’ area on Thursday and Friday of this week, a total of 207 images! But the even better news is that there are a further three exclusive series of Veronika for TeenDreams members to look forward to in the near future!

Inside TeenDreams you’ll find more than 1,400,000 images and 1,320 movies! And you’ve already seen what a babe Veronika is, but – imagine – Veronika is one of 5,680 terrific girls inside the members’ area! Check out the TeenDreams free tour to see more of the girls and to find out more about what awaits you inside TeenDreams!

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