Misha leads us into temptation!

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Misha looks good in her skoolie outfit!It looks like Misha’s been sent home early today! I wonder what she’s done wrong! Probably some uniform infringement? Hmmm, she’s wearing her tie, so it’s not that… regulation blouse, done up, so that’s OK… skirt is short, but less that 12 inches above the knee, so that’s fine too! I wonder what it can be?

Astute TeenDreams members will probably realise what’s not right – after all, they have the benefit of many more pics of Misha to work it out! There are two problems… firstly, she’s not wearing her bra; one of the lecturers probably noticed her nipples poking and sent her to the Head of Discipline for an underwear check! And the Head of Discipline was, no doubt, very thorough and spotted that Misha’s wearing non-regulation lacey panties, not the big blue cotton ones that the official dress code demands!

And why is Misha now kneeling like that on the bed, with her bottom up in the air? Surely she’s not expecting you to spank her! More likely, it’s her way of saying sorry! Now there’s a thought to savour!

Misha looks good in her skoolie outfit!

Of course, this was all pure fantasy on my part – but after all, we are talking about TeenDreams! And I’m sure that we’d all be led into some very tempting fantasies after looking through the 142 pictures of Misha in this photoset, by the end of which Misha is wearing nothing more that her little white socks and a coy smile! I wonder what the Head of Discipline would have to say about that!!! And he’d probably have a fit if he found out that there are eight photosets of Misha in the TeenDreams members’s area, and that’s not to mention her four videos as well!

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