Eufrat in her Dirtiest Hardcore Photoset Ever!

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When Eufrat came first to TeenDreams, back in 2005, she was a fabulous looking teen babe, and since then her popularity has mushroomed, making her one of the popular glamour models in the world! And TeenDreams have stayed with Eufrat over all this time – there are now 32 image sets and 8 videos of Eufrat for TeenDreams members to download. But one thing that Eufrat has done only seldom over the years is hardcore (you can read about Eufrat’s earlier hardcore photoset in our post from January 2008 entitled “Pssst!… You wanna see Eufrat Fuck?“).

But this week TeenDreams published Eufrat’s newest and dirtiest hardcore photoset ever! All 200 pictures of it! And if that sounds like a lot of pics, well, there’s a lot to fit in! Not only do we see Eufrat sucking and fucking in all sorts of positions, but for part of the set the guy has Eufrat blindfolded and handcuffed, and at different times he uses various sex toys on her – and yes, on her ass too!

Here is a link to Eufrat’s dirtiest hardcore gallery yet. But, as always, you’ll be wanting to join TeenDreams to get your hands on Eufrat’s full photoset!

Eufrat in her dirtiest hardcore scene to date

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Eufrat – Girl Next Door?

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Eufrat opens the door at TeenDreamsIt’s always a pleasure to look at, and talk about, Eufrat! Eufrat is somewhat of an icon at Teendreams, where members have full access to 37 photosets and 12 videos featuring this Czech babe!

And today I thought I would bring you a couple of pictures from one of those photosets, which differs from the others in that the photographer has gone very much for the “girl next door” look and feel! And why not? After all, even a girl like Eufrat lives next door to someone! In this case, to the lucky guys who live at numbers 39 and 43!

So, girl next door Eufrat greets us dressed in a nice top, denim mini skirt and black hold-up stockings. And almost as soon as we go inside,  Eufrat is stripping off and giving us a tremendous masturbation show with her dildo!

If only more girls next door were as accomodating as Eufrat! And Eufrat is very accomodating to the wishes and desires of the TeenDreams members! You can even see Eufrat fucking inside TeenDreams (and you can see some pics and read about it in “Pssst!… You wanna see Eufrat fuck?” right here on the TeenDreamsBlog)!

Eufrat takes off her panties at TeenDreams

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Eufrat and Stracy Stone on Video

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Eufrat and Stracy Stone Lesbian video from TeenDreamsThese stills are taken from a great new video that arrived in the TeenDreams members’ area last week!

We start off watching as Stracy Stone, dressed in white bra and knickers, begins to masturbate, and soon we are shown that Eufrat is watching, and – naturally – she is masturbating too! But it’s not long before Stracy spots Eufrat, who joins her on the bed.

It’s apparent that the two girls are so into each other! There is much caressing, licking and mouth to mouth kissing; very sensual!

But then the girls’ lust moves them into top gear, and pussies are pleasured with fingers, tongues and a glass dildo!

And that dildo even finds its way into Eufrat’s ass towards the end of the scene!

Both girls clearly found the encounter to be highly satisfying! And I’m sure TeenDreams members viewing their highly-charged video will do too! After all, it’s a treat enough to see two of the hottest, naturally busty, babes together on video, but the sexual chemistry between Eufrat and Stracy Stone is explosive! This is definitely one video that you won’t want to miss!

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Eufrat is the lady in red!

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Eufrat in her see-through red dress at TeenDreamsThe lady in red never looked so good as she does today! Maybe that’s because today’s “lady in red” is Eufrat! Eufrat’s drop-dead gorgeous at any time, but – oh my goodness! – in that red dress! Whew! Slightly see through, and she’s only wearing the smallest of knickers underneath! She looks amazing, doesn’t she! In fact, almost as good as she does once she’s got naked!

And the lady in red was never this dirty either! Dirty in a good way, that is! Because once Eufrat has stripped off, she moves around so that we can see every square inch of her peerless body, and then she starts to masturbate… and not content with using her large pink dildo on her pussy, she even slips a finger up into her ass! Good girl Eufrat! I hope that you had a great orgasm, ‘cos I’m sure as hell that hundreds of TeenDreams members will be cumming like mad when they see you do that!

If you’re into Eufrat and you’re not already a member of TeenDreams, you are missing out! There are over 2,500 pics of Eufrat , as well as four videos! Don’t you want to watch her masturbate, get off with other horny girls, and get fucked as well? Of course you do! Join TeenDreams today, you’ll be so glad you did!
Eufrat at TeenDreams

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Pssst!… You wanna see Eufrat fuck?

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Eufrat does hardcore at TeenDreamsEufrat about to get tit-fucked at TeenDreams
Eufrat fucks at TeenDreams

Pssst!… How would you like to see Eufrat suck cock? How would you like to see her breasts all oiled up, and then titty-fucked? And then see her getting fucked in multiple positions? And then see her getting spunked on?

Sounds too good to be true? Sounds like a wet dream?

Not any more! Now it’s a TeenDream!

TeenDreams members now have access to 200 images of Eufrat doing exactly that!

How long have you been waiting – hoping – to see Eufrat in true hardcore action?

Don’t wait any longer – join TeenDreams now and see everything! You won’t be disappointed!

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Eufrat hits on Michaela at Bowling!

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Eufrat hits on Michaela at BowlingI don’t know, you have to watch these girls every minute of the day!

Michaela went bowling for the evening with her friends. After the game, Michaela decided to relax with nice cool orange juice, before venturing home, and her friends left without her.

The place is pretty quiet now, most of the customers have left, and there are just a few staff wandering around tidying the place up.

But as Michaela is sitting there, another girl comes up and introduces herself as Eufrat. She asks for a drop of Michaela’s orange juice, and they get chatting. Michaela should have known from the way that Eufrat was looking at her that Eufrat was after more than a suck on Michaela’s straw!

I suppose that Michaela never stood a chance, really! After all, who can resist Eufrat when she looks at you like that! I certainly couldn’t, and neither could Michaela either! Michaela pleasures Eufrats pussy at TeenDreamsAnd so, in seemingly no time at all, Eufrat has her shorts and panties off, and Michaela is licking her clitoris and fucking her with a dildo, right there in the bowling lane, and after that, Eufrat returns the favour!

Of course, that is just my interpretation of this wonderful TeenDreams photoset. Yours might be entirely different! Perhaps Michaela wasn’t so innocent after all, perhaps she was deliberately hanging around after her friends had left, hoping that Eufrat would hit on her! Or maybe it had all been arranged beforehand?

I’m sure you’ll be able to make up your own mind once you’ve looked through all 192 images from this brilliant photoset in the TeenDreams members’ area! When you Join TeenDreams you’ll be able to review all the evidence at your leisure – preferably in a darkened room when no one else is about! ;)

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Eufrat – then and now!

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Eufrat - Then
I was reading back over some of my previous posts – well, looking at the pics really! – when I saw “Top Glamour Models Dorina and Sandra Shine“, and I kicked myself, because I’d not mentioned Eufrat, who is perhaps the most obvious example of one of today’s top models who is represented in the archives at TeenDreams!

As you can see from the picture above, Eufrat was a little slimmer back in those early days; her bountiful figure, which we know and would certainly love given the opportunity, was still developing! The second picture is taken from Eufrat’s most recent picture set at TeenDreams, which was added just over two weeks ago!

Eufrat - Now
Oh, and are you wondering who might be pleasuring Eufrat’s young pussy with that dildo in the first pic? I could tell you, of course, but wouldn’t you rather see for yourself? Join TeenDreams today, and not only will that mystery be solved, but you’ll also have access to over two thousand pictures and three videos of Eufrat, and more that 5,600 other girls besides!

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Eufrat – hot property!

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With her simmering good looks, her fantastic figure, and those voluptuous, ample breasts, Eufrat is one of the hottest models around today!

Eufrat hails from the Czech Republic and TeenDreams have photographed her in Prague on several occasions and also on location in sunny Portugal! They have 14 full picture sets of her in the members’ area, totalling a huge 1,347 images. And they also have three movies of her!

Eufrat from TeenDreamsEufrat from TeenDreamsEufrat from TeenDreams

You can click on the thumbnails above to see three sample galleries of the fabulous Eufrat! And after that, you might like to check out, to catch more of Eufrat, and thousands more babes as well!

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