Blonde Beauty Jana G

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There are some girls that you just never tire of masturbating over, and Jana G is one such girl! I remember when she first started modelling, as JanaRocks, and how she never took her panties off back then. But this blonde beauty is so cute and sexy that her reluctance to show her pussy didn’t stop her becoming a firm favorite. Nowadays, though, Jana G has no such qualms about dropping her knickers and sticking her bum in the air for the members at TeenDreams! Good girl! And if she keeps it up, so will we!

Jana G shows off her pussy at TeenDreams

Jana G shows everything for our members' satisfaction at TeenDreams

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Jana G comes to visit!

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Just imagine this… There’s a ring on your doorbell. You go to answer it. Jana G is standing on the step in a green plastic raincoat. You let her in. You pour drinks for you both. Jana has already sat herself down in your favourite chair, so you sit down opposite. You’re still not really sure why she’s here. But when she stands up and pulls the bottom of her coat open so that you can see that she’s not wearing a dress or skirt underneath, when you see her new panties and those seamed hold-ups, then you start to get the idea! You lean back in your chair, and your dressing gown falls open, and you begin to pleasure yourself as you enjoy Jana’s sexy strip. She slowly opens her coat fully, and you see that she is wearing a soft bra that matches her knickers. You wonder how far she will go…

That, at least, was the little fantasy that entered my mind when I first saw this excellent photoset that appeared inside TeenDreams this morning!

And, as you can see, Jana does, indeed, go all the way. Further, even, because she goes on to pleasure herself with her favourite vibrator, spreading her legs as wide as they will go so that you can see absolutely everything!

This is the eighth photoset featuring Jana G at TeenDreams! Give yourself the pleasure of Jana today! Join TeenDreams and download all of Jana’s pictures, all 1,269 of them!

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Jana and Veronika battle it out!

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Veronika F from TeenDreamsJana G from TeenDreams

Jana and Veronika have plenty in common; both have been featured quite a lot at TeenDreams recently – and here on the blog too; they’re both absolutely stunning; and they are both contenders in the January TeenDreams Members’ Model of the Month Competition! Until yesterday, Jana (on the right) was just shading it, maintaining a slender advantage throughout most of the month. But yesterday, Veronika took the lead, and now just one vote separates the two babes!

So who would you vote for? It’s a very hard choice, but in a very good way! TeenDreams members have access to more than 900 images of each of these two babes to help them decide! And even if they can’t make up their minds, they’ll have a lot of fun trying!

And just imagine the fun that you could be having with the 5,600 girls featured inside TeenDreams! You can see some of them when you take the TeenDreams free tour! Just imagine what it would be like to have access to all of the 1.4 million images and 1,320 movies that are inside TeenDreams! All those girls, so little time!

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Jana G tramps it up!

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Jana G dressed like a slut for this exclusive TeenDreams photoset!Who’d have thought it! Less than a week ago, I was gushing with enthusiasm for the first TeenDreams photoset featuring Jana G (who used to be “JanaRocks” once upon a time), but I could never have dreamed that this hitherto “good girl” would ever be photographed in such a gorgeous, trashy outfit as the one she’s wearing in the set that’s just been added to the TeenDreams members’ area today! Absolutely fantastic – the sort of costume that no one would want their girl going out in!

I mean, take that top to start with! Plunging neckline, showing off half her tits, and scarcely concealing the sexy black bra that she’s wearing too! And all that holds that top together are a couple of little buttons – it’s an “accident waiting to happen” if you ask me!

And that denim skirt is way too short! But look at what she’s wearing under it – black panties that match her bra (fair enough!) – but those suspender tights! How dirty are they! They’re saying “I want to be ready for action at a moment’s notice”!

But it’s later in the photoset, once Jana’s taken off everything except for those tights (good girl!), that we see what sort of action Jana has in mind! Dildo action! And she doesn’t pussy-foot around with it either – she gives herself a proper good fuck with it, as you can see here…

Jana G buries that dildo at TeenDreams!

Treat yourself to a TeenDreams membership today, and you could be having a proper good something-or-other yourself! Oh, to be that dildo!

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Great News for Admirers of Jana G!

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I’ve been told that TeenDreams have four more sets of Jana G in their posession, scheduled for release into the members’ area in the coming weeks! And what’s more, they have comissioned another five! So we’ve got plenty of Jana to look forward to! :)

P.S. I just wanted to share that news, really! There will be a “proper” post in a few hours!

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Jana Rocks at TeenDreams!

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Today I’ve brought Jana G to meet you! Her first TeenDreams photoset appeared in the members’ area only yesterday! You may have seen her before, she has been modelling a while, but the real question is… have you seen her like this before, with her knickers down and her legs spread? Her sweet shaved pussy is something I’ve only dreamed about – until yesterday, that is!

Jana G Shows her pussy for TeenDreams members

You wouldn’t believe how long I spent deciding which picture I would use in this post – there are so many excellent shots in the full image sequence! Even now, I’m not sure that I picked the best one! Although, I’m sure that you’ll agree, this pic is pretty special! But just to be on the safe side, I’m including this link to a sample image gallery which contains another eighteen excellent pictures of Jana from TeenDreams!

Just one thing though – and I know this is asking a lot! – please try not to cum when you’re looking at these free pics of Jana! Join TeenDreams today instead, and you’ll be rewarded with even more great photos of Jana showing everything! And all those other girls as well!

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