Something about Andrea G!

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“I like this one!” were the first words that came into my head when I saw the pic on the left! There’s something about Andrea G that’s hard to define, but easy to name! Sex appeal!

Yes, she’s the sort of girl that I’d love to get hold of and shag until the cows come home!

I’m not sure what it is about her! Is it her hair? Those full, sensuous lips, perhaps? Those lovely little tits? Or that perfect shaved pussy? Or the way that she spreads it so readily for us? Or all of the above?

But then again, maybe you can think about these things too deeply! Let’s just say that there are 160 images in the full sequence, available only to TeenDreams members! So, if you like Andrea, you know what needs doing – become a TeenDreams member today!

[ Confession : We don't have any cows, but we don't have to tell Andrea that, do we! ]

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