TeenDreams Sara

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I still remember the first time that I saw Sara, I was completely blown away by this cheeky looking teenage girl with her tiny tits, her large nipples and that incredible firm round behind! That was nearly four years ago now, and Sara has been through some changes over that time; her notable breast enhancements to name but one! Or should that be two? But TeenDreams have stayed with Sara throughout, so that now there are 36 image sets and 17 videos of this amazing girl in the members’ area! And today’s pictures are taken from a Sara photoset that TeenDreams released on Friday of last week – as you can see, these pictures must have been taken a while ago as they pre-date Sara’s boob job! So, whether you prefer tiny-titted teen Sara, or huge-breasted babe Sara, or if you’re like me and can’t get enough of her with boobs or without – you’ll find plenty of Sara to keep you glued to your monitor inside TeenDreams!

Sara from TeenDreams

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Can We Watch, Sara?

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This is one of my favorite teens, ever, Sara from TeenDreams! Looking very cute, I must say, but “Sorry boys I eat pussy”? Ha ha, I think we kinda guessed, Sara! Still can we watch?

Once she has stripped out of her sexy little outfit, Sara lets us watch her naked on the floor, and very nice she looks too…

And, although Sara may eat pussy, in this photoset it is her pussy that almost devours a good sized pink plastic dildo that looks remarkably like a cock! But you’ll have to join TeenDreams to see that! And there’s plenty more of Sara inside TeenDreams for you to enjoy as well; 32 image sets and 11 movies, to be precise! And once you’ve become a member, you can watch them all!

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Sara and Theo Cum Together at TeenDreams!

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Sara and Theo are both from the UK, and are both incredibly popular girls with the members at TeenDreams! So it was only a matter of time before the two girls got together for some raunchy lesbian sex! And the good news is that the time has come…

UK babes Sara and Theo fool around together at TeenDreams

As you look through this fabulous image set from TeenDreams, you realise that Sara and Theo were pretty much left to their own devices. They start off a little coy – Theo especially so – and mess about a lot as they start to undress each other. But as you’ll see from the second picture, by the time that their clothes are off, both girls are up for some serious lesbian sex!

Theo and Sara make out on the bed at TeenDreams

And not only do the girls finger, tongue and play with their vibrators, they also share a huge double-ended dildo as well! It’s a real pleasure to watch these two very hot girls getting even hotter with each other! And watching their lesbian antics in this huge photoset (434 images in total!) is liable to lead any red-blooded heterosexual male past the point of no return! So don’t miss out on all the fun! Join TeenDreams now and you’ll be pumping away to Sara and Theo in no time!

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Sara from TeenDreams

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This is Sara from TeenDreams! She may look familiar to you – we’ve already featured her a few times on this blog (here are all of Sara’s posts on TeenDreamsBlog), and inside the TeenDreams members’ area she already has 18 picture sets and 5 videos!

Sara shows off her ass at TeenDreams

And Sara is looking great in her latest TeenDreams photoshoot, which arrived in the members’ area on Friday! There are some girls who just look amazing in knickers, and Sara is one such girl!

Gorgeous brunette Sara pulls down her panties for us at TeenDreams

But, I have to say, Sara looks even better without her knickers! When you join TeenDreams, you’ll be able to download all of Sara’s pictures (over 2,500 of them) and decide for yourself!

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Sara Will Make Your Head Explode!

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Sara from TeenDreamsSara is wearing big white knickers under her short denim mini

If you have read our previous posts about Sara, you will probably have gathered that Sara is a very popular girl with TeenDreams members! And, as TeenDreams always listen to their members’ comments and requests, it was surely only a matter of time before they shot more of Sara – and, sure enough, they have! And, well, wow!

Sara looks so sexy in that oh-so-short denim mini! Don’t her legs look absolutely amazing! But that skirt is certainly not suitable for going out in! Way too revealing! But maybe that’s why she decided to wear her huge white knickers underneath it – to preserve her modesty! And to preserve herself from the cold!

But as we soon learn, this incorrigable nineteen-year-old is not hung up on preserving her modesty! No, she’s all about pleasing our members! So slowly, teasingly, she undresses for us… first her cardigan, then her skirt, her bra, and finally her panties!

Sara pulls her knickers down at TeenDreams

And then, just when you think that your head might explode with desire for this sexy teen, she masturbates for you with her vibrator! And, as you can see, Sara really doesn’t have any false modesty! She’s more than happy to let you see everything, absolutely everything!

And I’m sure that you’ll be more than happy when you join TeenDreams and see the huge collection of 2,062 photos of Sara that are available to TeenDreams members! And if they don’t make your head explode, then I’m sure that Sara’s three videos will!

Sexy Sara masturbates with her vibrator at TeenDreams

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Update to “Sara is playful and sexy!”

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If you liked the look of Sara in yesterday’s post – and who wouldn’t – then you might like to know there is now a free image gallery taken from that photoset. The images that you get when you click on the thumbnails are full-size, exactly as you would get as a TeenDreams member! Well worth a look, I’d say!

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Sara is playful and sexy!

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Sara from TeenDreamsSara from TeenDreams is a lot of funTeenDreams Sara

Today’s images are all taken from Sara’s most recent TeenDreams photoset! And I must say that it’s my favourite! From the outset, Sarah is in the mood to have some fun – you can tell from her facial expressions and from her choice of clothes! She’s wearing a little denim mini and vest top (to start with!), and underneath she has a brightly coloured bra and knickers! And she’s pulled up her already way-too-short skirt so that we can see her panties as she dances about on the bed! Yes, she’s definitely up for some fun!

TeenDreams Sara shows off her gorgeous pussyAnd I should imagine that the members will be up for some fun with this image sequence as well, because – as you can see from the pic to the right – Sara doesn’t hold back when it’s time to get sexy! She treats us to some fabulous views of her spread pussy and her behind!

Sara’s a great looking girl, who does everything she can to please the members at TeenDreams! And because the TeenDreams members like her so much, and although she only made her first appearance on the site on Christmas Eve last year (2007), there are already ten photosets and two videos of Sara available for members to download!

And don’t forget that, as well as Sara, TeenDreams members have access to photos and videos featuring more that 5,600 different girls! If you’d like to see some more of what TeenDreams offers, check out the TeenDreams free tour!

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Sara looks so sexy in pink lingerie and socks!

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Sara shows off her sexy lingerie at TeenDreamsThese pictures are from Sara’s latest TeenDreams photoshoot, they only appeared in the members’ area this morning! And my! Isn’t Sara looking fine! She always does! And she seems to have the knack of knowing what to wear to get the mind racing! I mean, look! The sexy, classy, pink lingerie – man, that would do! But coupled with those over-the-knee teenbopperish socks! It just works, doesn’t it!

And you may remember that the last time that Sara appeared on the blog (Sara in denim, lingerie… and then nothing! Perfect!), she’d contrasted denim shorts with silky lingerie. So it’s not a one-off, Sara must have an instinctive feel for mixing and matching! You have to wonder where she gets her ideas from!

But, of course, Sara’s effort would all be wasted if she weren’t hot! And she is! So, so hot! However much you may love her outfits, you just can’t wait to watch her take them off, to reveal those perky little tits with those dark, round nipples, and that firm ass and totally shaven pussy! And rest assured, Sara shows everything – to very good effect – as this wonderful photoset progresses!

TeenDreams members have already been voting on Sara’s new photoset – she’s currently standing at 9.24 out of 10! So I guess that I’m not the only one whose idea of a perfect winter’s evening is to stay at home with Sara! Just imagine, if you were to take a moment out and join TeenDreams, you could be giving Sara your vote (and whole lot more) whenever you want!

Sara from TeenDreams

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Sara in denim, lingerie… and then nothing! Perfect!

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Sara from TeenDreamsSara from TeenDreams
These pictures are from one of the new photosets that Sara did for TeenDreams last month. She’s looking so hot, isn’t she, wandering round in those tiny denim shorts and her sexy bra! Standing like that at the French windows, she’d better be careful not to give the old gardener a heart attack!

But just wait! Things get even better once Sara starts to loosen off her shorts, and we realise that she’s wearing panties that match with her bra! Feminine, silky lingerie always contrasts so sexily with harsh, utilitarian denim, don’t you think? Or is that just me? :oops:

And if the gardener survived seeing Sarah in her bra and shorts, he’d probably not be able to resist a stroke or two as he watched Sarah discard all of her lingerie and start spreading her legs for the camera!

TeenDreams members are fortunate in that they can admire Sarah whenever they wish, and they don’t have to hide in the bushes to do it! They can kick back and relax as they enjoy the 633 images of Sarah that are already in the members’ area! And there are yet more to come!

And – just imagine – Sara is one of more than five thousand girls inside TeenDreams! All those girls to enjoy! Why not have a look at the TeenDreams free tour where you’ll see some more of the girls! You’ll enjoy yourself, I promise!

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Sara from today’s shoot (just for fun)!

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Earlier today I was saying how the TeenDreams crew were shooting more sets with Sara today? Well, just for fun, they shot a few “fansigns” for the blog and this is one of them!

TeenDreamsBlog fansign

Sara’s looking good again, don’t you think! Ummm, and nicely shaven too! I can’t wait to see the new pics when they get released into the TeenDreams members’ area! Whew!

So, thanks guys! And thanks Sara!

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