Slim ‘n’ Sexy Lesbians

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There’s no better sight than two gorgeous slim girls in ridiculously short denim mini skirts! Unless, of course, you’re privy to what they do behind closed doors! And in this excellent TeenDreams image set, Szilvia (who you may know as Anita Pearl) and her girlfriend, Pure, allow us to watch…

Slim sexy lesbians; Anita Pearl and her girlfriend Pure

First the girls pose about together, flashing their panties as well, for our benefit! But once the clothes start coming off, they seem to forget that we are there, and are just concerned with their own, and each other’s, pleasure! Which means that they don’t mind – don’t even notice! – if we get right up close and personal for some very explicit views of the girls’ most intimate parts!

Pure finger fucks Anita Pearl's pussy

And if you think these pics are hot, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Because when you download the full photoset from TeenDreams, you’ll be able to watch as Pure fucks Szilvia with a huge black strap-on, before Szilvia uses the same sex toy, still glistening with her own juices, to fuck Pure’s pussy!

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29 Minutes of Lesbian Lust!

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Oh my goodness! Here are two of my favorite lithe brunettes, Claudia and Szilvia (who you may also know as Anita Pearl), making out together on video at TeenDreams! Here’s what the official write-up says about this movie…

“This awesome movie finds a stunning young brunette Claudia seductively writhing around on the bed in sexy thong panties. It’s not long before she’s totally naked and joining another hot brunette and the girls get down to a fantastic feast of pussy. You can enjoy finger insertions, pussy tonguing and some impressive dildo fucking that rapidly brings the girls off to the sweetest orgasm in turn.”

Sounds about right! Except that I doubt that Claudia and Szilvia will be the only ones cuming! I should imagine that plenty of TeenDreams members will do too, watching the girls’ 29 minutes of lesbian lust! I certainly did! And I bet you will do too, just as soon as you join TeenDreams and download this amazing movie!

Claudia and Szilvia make out together on video at TeenDreams

More about Claudia More about Szilvia
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Take the Plunge with Szilvia!

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This is Szilvia! She’s a very gorgeous – and willing – young lady! Just the type that goes down really well at TeenDreams! And she knows how to dress sexy too! Those stockings and her matching pink bra and knickers! Whoa! Down boy! Although Szilvia is a girl who looks even better once the lingerie is off! Isn’t that pic on the right so inviting! Wouldn’t you just love to plunge right in? Yeah, “dream on” you might say! But that’s just what TeenDreams is for; to fuel your teen dreams and fantasies! So take the plunge – join TeenDreams now and you could be downloading pictures and videos of Szilvia and over 5,600 other gorgeous girls within minutes! And what you do after that, well, that’s your own affair! Enjoy!

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Szilvia masturbation video!

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Szilvia on video at TeenDreamsSzilvia’s first video was released into the TeenDreams members’ area last week!

“So, why’s it taken until now for you to write about it?”, you may ask!

Well, the truth of the matter is that I like it so much, that each time I settled down to get some screen captures, I ended up just watching it instead!

After all, Szilvia is an absolute teen beauty, with her sexy slim body and that gorgeous face! She teases at the begining of the video, giving us little peeks at her body before she finally exposes all and starts to play with herself in earnest! And Szilvia is certainly very enthusiastic and vigorous when she masturbates – hence the motion blur in the third pic!

“Good girl!”, I say!

If you’d like to see a little preview of Szilvia’s video for yourself, then take a look at the Flash video in this TeenDreams sample gallery. And remember, the full-sized, full-resolution, full-length video (over 10 minutes!) becomes available to you just as soon as you join TeenDreams!

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Szilvia knows how to use them!

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Szilvia shows off her long legs at TeenDreams

Oh my goodness! Szilvia’s got legs, and she knows how to use them! And that little denim mini – it’s a masterstroke! It makes those fabulous legs look even longer! And coupled with her see-through top, you might think that there’s a good chance that she might not be wearing panties! But as you can see from the second picture, she has got knickers on! To start with at least…

Szilvia shows us her panties

TeenDreams members, however, can watch as this super-sexy svelte babe strips off entirely in the full 125 image picture set! And – I can tell you – she gets her fingers wet too! Excellent stuff!

Take the TeenDreams free tour to see some more of the TeenDreams girls! If you love sexy teen babes like Szilvia, TeenDreams is where it’s at!

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Szilvia’s a hot chick!

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Today I have brought Szilvia along for you! This girl is absolutely fabulous in every way… beautiful, beautiful face, perky little titties, neat and hairless pussy, and tight little behind!

Szilvia from TeenDreams

Oh, and looking at that pic reminds me… and the most incredibly amazing long and slim legs!

And that dress is perfect on her! So short, with a tendancy for it to slip down at the top to give anyone who’s watching a snatched preview of her little breasts! The only thing I would say about the dress is that it says “Cool Chick” on it… it should really say “Way Hot Chick”, ‘cos that’s exactly what Szilvia is! And when she does take her dress off, you see her body is every bit as perfect as you’d hoped for!

Szilvia has the most perfect body imaginable!

These pictures are from Szilvia’s first TeenDreams photoset and – although she may be posing modestly in these two pics – you need not worry! Szilvia shows everything for the TeenDreams members!

You know, TeenDreams have way over 5,000 girls inside the members’ area! Aren’t you tempted to come inside? Check out some of the other TeenDreams girls on the free tour – go on, you’ve nothing to lose!

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