Lucie and Marketa – hot girlie twosome!

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Lucie and Marketa from TeenDreamsPlease allow me to introduce you to two absolutely gorgeous young ladies, Marketa (on the left) and Lucie, who are both big favourites over at!

Well, I’m not a huge fan of barge holidays, but if these Lucie and Marketa were to invite me on their next one, I’d jump at the chance, if these pictures are anything to go by!

They start off innocently enough… the girls are on the deck in their bikinis, and start to pose for some pics. But soon they are messing about, and Marketa can’t resist playing with Lucie’s fabulous breasts – and who can blame her? But from then on it all gets out of hand! First their bikini tops come off, and once they have pulled down their bikini bottoms, the girls are completely naked in the open air. And then Lucie satisfies Marketa with a silver dildo, first in her pussy and then her behind! And after that, Marketa uses the dildo on Lucie!

These pictures are taken from a set of 109 images that has just been added to the TeenDreams members’ section today. This is one of the hottest girl/girl picture sets that I have seen in a very long while, and I’ll be coming back to this one time and time again!

If you don’t want to miss out on the full set, head over to TeenDreams, where their members are already enjoying Lucie and Marketa, and thousands of other beautiful girls besides!

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