Barbara C takes a shower at TeenDreams!

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Looking up Barbara C's skirt at TeenDreamsBarbara C lets us watch her in the shower at TeenDreams

I don’t know if you’d call it a fetish as such, but I do have a “thing” about watching girls in the shower, whether it be in pictures, on video, or in the flesh! Not that the “in the flesh” option happens all that often, though! So thank goodness for TeenDreams and all their shower and bathing sets!

And this photoset featuring the lovely Barbara C has got to be one of the best! First off, Barbara C is one of the cutest – and sexiest – girls to ever walk this planet! And that outfit she’s wearing is so sexy, in a sort of teenybopper-ish sort of way! And didn’t the cameraman get a great angle to shoot from as she let her cotton panties fall to the floor in that pic on the left! I love that pic!

But anyway, as you can see, Barbara eventually gets naked and hops into the shower! She’s got such a great body, this girl, and it’s a pleasure to lean back and watch the pictures of her dripping globs of shower gel over her perky little titties (using the TeenDreams Handsfree Set Viewer, obviously!)! But it’s not too long before Barbara’s hands find their way down to her cute little hairless pussy and – let’s put it this way – if you have ever wondered why your partner takes so long in the bathroom, well, this photoset might shed some light on the matter! And it wouldn’t surprise me if a number of TeenDreams members will be wanting to use the shower after they’ve – ahem – enjoyed Barbara’s photoset as well!

So if you’d like to see all 215 pictures of Barbara undressing and showering, well, you know what to do! Join TeenDreams today! More than 5,600 girls are waiting for you inside!

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Barbara C’s a very special girl!

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Barbara C from TeenDreamsTeenDreams Barbara starts to reveal her stunning body for you
Barbara C from TeenDreams

Today’s images come from Barbara C’s third TeenDreams image set which appeared in the members’ area yesterday!

Barbara is one of the cutest teens imaginable! She has an air of cheekiness about her, I think she would be a lot of fun to be around!

And I know that she certainly is a whole lot of fun to look at! Such a pretty face and lovely blonde hair, and a figure that you’d be desperate to see more of!

And Barbara is only too eager to oblige! And as she undresses for you, you won’t be disappointed at what you see! Her long slender legs, her perky little titties, her nice round ass and her hairless pussy all combine to tell you that this girl is very, very special!

But then again, all of the girls inside TeenDreams are special in their own ways! Check out the girls on the TeenDreams free tour and I’m sure you’ll agree!

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Barbara C is nice and warm inside!

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Barbara C from TeenDreamsBarbara shows off her panties

This absolute cutie pie is Barbara C! She is nineteen years old and comes from St Petersburg.

But before you book your airflight, you should know that it’s cold – very cold – in St Petersburg at this time of year! I’ve just checked, the air temperature is currently 0 degrees centigrade, but feeling more like -6 when you take into account the wind chill factor! Brrrr!

Still, it would be well worth it if you were going to meet up with Barbara at the other end, don’t you think! And especially if she were going to dress like this for you! She looks so cute and girlie in her pink outfit, doesn’t she, and I love those socks! And look, she’s even colour co-ordinated her panties!

Fortunately enough, Barbara’s photographer had engaged in some forward planning of his own, making sure that the apartment was nice and warm inside, so that Barbara would feel quite comfortable about removing her dress and panties! She keeps those socks on though, good girl! And let me just say that her pink garments are not the only pink that TeenDreams members will see when they view the whole of Barbara’s image set!

TeenDreams have over five thousand girls for you inside their members area! And ‘appreciating’ over 1.4 million pictures and 1,320 videos should help you stay warm, however cold it gets outside! Check out the TeenDreams free tour and you’ll get a taste of what TeenDreams is all about!

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