Cindy gets laid again… twice!!!

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Cindy, sometimes also known as Cindy DollarCindy in her little red leather mini skirt

It was less than a month ago when I brought you Cindy for the first time, and back then she was in a full-on hardcore set (“Sexy barmaid Cindy gets a cream pie!“). Well, since then TeenDreams members have been treated to the sight of Cindy getting laid again – and not just once, but twice!!! And each time she gets, as they say, “a serious seeing to”! Cindy’s definitely a very willing girl, and TeenDreams have 731 pictures inside the members area to prove it!

And the two pics above are actually the first two pictures in those image sets (cropped and reduced in resolution, I should add), and, as you can see, Cindy is looking very horny in both of them! But doesn’t she look different in the two pics as well; it’s amazing what a different hairstyle and make-up can do! You could almost imagine that she was two different, but similar, girls – sisters or twins even! Now there’s a thought, but it’s one that I’ll leave you to explore in your time!

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Sexy barmaid Cindy gets a cream pie!

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His Friday night ended up alright after all! He’d spent the evening sitting at the bar, ogling Cindy, the busty barmaid. He couldn’t work out if he preferred the view when she bent over facing him, or facing away; facing him, he could get an eyeful of her fabulous tits, scarcely constrained by the little top she was wearing; or when she faced the other way , her ridiculously short skirt hid nothing of her ass, and he could see that she was wearing the tiniest of black thongs. “What a prick tease!” he thought to himself when she asked him to stay behind at closing time, but hey, why not, you never know!

Busty Cindy sucks cock at TeenDreamsCindy gets fucked!

And his mates would never have believed what happened, unless they’d seen the photographs! Cindy was desperate for cock – his cock! First she sucked him, and then demanded that he fucked her doggy-style over the table! Then she wanted him to “break down her back door”, as they say, to fuck her in the ass! And finally she wanted his cock back inside her pussy, where he fucked her until he came!

Cindy takes it up the ass at TeenDreams!

And now all the photos, all 153 of them, including some beautifully graphic ones of his cum running out of Cindy’s pussy and down between her ass cheeks, are available inside TeenDreams! The members might not all get to fuck Cindy themselves, but jerking off to this brilliant photoset has got to be the next best thing!

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