Monika Trubkova in boy/girl action at TeenDreams!

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Monika Trubkova makes my TeenDreams come trueThe first time that I ever saw Monika Trubkova – which was when she was making out with Veronika Simon at bowling (“Monika Trubkova and Veronika Simon bowl each other over!“) – I have to admit that this one thought came to my mind; wouldn’t it be great to see her in a boy/girl set getting those fabulous titties fucked! And, at last, my dream has come true, thanks to TeenDreams! But don’t get me wrong! Monika’s a great looking girl, and there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t want to do with her! Although when you see a pair of breasts as magical as hers, you do yearn to give them special attention! Well, I do anyway!

And I’m sure that the guy in this 199 image photoset feels exactly the same way about her! Because after receiving a lovely titty-fuck from Monika, he proceeds to have her in a number of positions, and then breaks off for another session of tit-fucking before returning his – ahem! – “attention” to Monika’s pussy!

And as if this first TeenDreams boy/girl photoshoot of Monika weren’t enough, there’s a video of the scene too! Amazing!

So if you want to get your hands on Monika’s hardcore photos and video – which is the next best thing to getting your hands on Monika herself! – you know what to do! Join TeenDreams today and get downloading! And don’t forget that TeenDreams have plenty of hardcore photos and videos of lots of different girls, as well as tons of girl/girl and solo girl material! So once you’ve satisfied your desire for Monika Trubkova’s fabulous titties, there will be plenty more to keep your interest up inside TeenDreams!

Monika Trubkova (aka Carmen Gemini) giving a tit-fuck at TeenDreams

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Monika Trubkova and Veronika Simon bowl each other over!

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In the June of last year, a brilliant photoset featuring Monika Trubkova and Veronika Simon appeared in the TeenDreams members’ area! The two girls are at ten pin bowling, but they soon forget about the game, and end up bringing each other off right there! Fortunately (or not!!!) there was no one about!

What I didn’t know, though, until today, is that there is also a video of their session! And how did I find that out? Well, it just appeared in the members’ area! And – I have to say – jolly good it is too! So good, in fact, that I’m just going to have to watch it again this evening! :oops:

Monika Trubcova and Veronika Simon on video at TeenDreams

Anyway, here’s how the video is described by the TeenDreams people…

“Check out these 2 hot girls as they have a private bowling game at their local alley. Wearing very short skirts and no panties all adds to the excitement as they are both feeling very horny. After getting very close to each other it’s time to put away the bowling balls and bring out the dildos. Bending over the ball machine they get busy licking and dildo fucking their sweet pussies. Next they get on the floor and pump so hard it brings on a stream of moaning and screaming orgasms. At the end they carry on bowling but decide they are much better playing with their toys.”

Monika Trubcova and Veronika Simon on video at TeenDreams

And “screaming orgasms” just about sums it up! Veronika positively squeals in delight as Monika brings her to climax, using a vibrator and her pierced tongue! And Monika is no less noisy when she cums, and (rather cutely) has a little wobble when she stands up after – I guess Veronika made her go weak at the knees! No wonder, really!

If you want to see all 23 minutes of this video – and who wouldn’t!?! – you’ll need to join TeenDreams, that’s the only way to get hold of it! But if you’d like to see a selection of some of the pictures from the photoset first, you can always have a look this free image gallery!

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