Natural pleasures with Andrea Wenc and Lucy D!

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Oh my goodness! Just look at these two babes going for it! They just couldn’t even wait to get their clothes off before getting their hands onto, and their fingers into, each other!

The blonde on top is Andrea Wenc. We’ve met her once before on this blog in “Andrea Wenc – bundle of fun!“, and it certainly looks like Lucy D is having a whole bundle of fun with her! These two girls don’t even need bother with toys or strap-ons or anything like that; throughout this wonderful set of 266 images, they pleasure each other naturally, with fingers and tongues! And, I can tell you, there are some very wet and sticky fingers come the end!

And what makes this picture set so perfect, apart from the girls’ natural enthusiasm and the wanton delight that they take in each others’ bodies, is the fact that both girls are absolute stunners! Brunette Lucy D has great body – just check out those perfect little nipples! And Andrea, well, what can I say, she’s a total beauty, right down from her flowing long blonde hair, her picture-perfect face, her amazingly full-yet-firm breasts, her shapely round behind and her sweet, hairless pussy!

But before I get too carried away looking at Andrea and Lucy (again!), I should remind you to check out some more of the TeenDreams babes on the TeenDreams free tour! Or you could always succumb and join TeenDreams right now!

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