UK Pornstar Tamara Noon

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I was looking the members’ area inside Teen Dreams last night, and I found this photoset of one of my favorite UK pornstars from yesteryear, Tamara Noon! And so began a trip down Memory Lane, as I set the TeenDreams Handsfree Set Viewer to play through Tamara’s images! I must say that I do like what she’s wearing (at the start anyway) – all black, a vest top and a mini skirt that isn’t even long enough to cover her thighs above her thick hold-ups! It was hard to not fantasise about Tamara Noon turning up at the door in the middle of the night dressed – and undressing – like that!

And when the slide-show ended I was on a roll, and so I played the brilliant TeenDreams video that Tamara Noon made with that other iconic British pornstar, Michelle Thorne (see “Dirty Brits Flick! – Michelle Thorne and Tamara Noon“). Almost needless to say, but I slept very well, and with a smile on my face!

UK pornstar Tamara NoonTamara Noon opens her legs for you at TeenDreams
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Dirty Brits Flick! – Michelle Thorne and Tamara Noon

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Michelle Thorne and Tamara Noon lesbian video screencaptures from TeenDreamsI have just had the pleasure of watching an excellent TeenDreams video featuring two British girls, Tamara Noon and Michelle Thorne! They are both stunners in their own right, but – boy, oh boy! – when they get together in this video (which lasts over half an hour!), they are so dirty! They lick, finger fuck and dildo each other to orgasm – using copious amounts of baby oil all over each others’ bodies, and it’s a real treat to watch!

But what really sets this video apart is that fact that both girls talk about what’s happening, how it’s making them feel. And not only do they talk, but they talk very, very dirty! Michelle’s well-spoken, but Tamara is really posh – you know, like she talks with a plum her mouth, as they say! So to hear these girls saying stuff like “how does that feel in your slutty little c**t” to each other is possibly enough to drive you over the edge! And they’re passing comments all the way through, virtually! This really is one video that wants listening to with the volume up for maximum effect!

These screen captures were lifted from the TeenDreams members’ area, which is where you need to be if you want to get hold of the video – and soundtrack! And I bet you do want to hear these sexy English girls talking dirty as they writhe around on the bed, dripping baby oil and pussy juices, don’t you! So join TeenDreams today and get jerking to this amazing Brit Flick!

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