Annabel – unashamedly sexy!

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Annabel from TeenDreamsThere are all sorts of girls on, and Annabel here has surely to fall into the “unashamedly sexy” catetegory! Annabel certainly knows what she’s got, and, luckily for us, she is not afraid to flaunt it! For one, look at the way she’s dressed! That little boob tube that scarcely hides the form of her beautiful ample breasts! And then her matching ra-ra skirt, that is so short that (even when she’s not lifting it up to show us her knickers) it doesn’t hide her stocking tops! Well, they’re not even stockings really, they’re suspender tights, and you know that whenever a girl is wearing those, she wants them to be seen!

Annabel’s desire to be looked at and lusted after doesn’t stop at teasing us with her sexy fantasy-inducing outfit! Oh no, just wait until you see the rest of the images in this photoset! By the end Annabel has stripped off totally (except for her hosiery!) and treated us to a show with her vibrator! Maybe the thought of all us guys looking at her body was just too much for her!

There are 305 images of Annabel in three different sequences, and they are all available now for TeenDreams members. And you could be one of them!

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