Dovile – All Fur Coat and No Knickers?

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Dovile from TeenDreamsDovile from TeenDreams

When I was but a mere lad, my ears would always prick up when I heard a girl being described as “all fur coat and no knickers”! This was not because I took it literally, and imagined that somehow everyone knew she wasn’t wearing panties, but simply because these were the girls that I always fancied!

And how little changes over the years! When I first saw Dovile in this photoshoot, that expression came into my mind – of course, my ears didn’t prick up, ‘cos I wasn’t talking to myself! But, boy, oh boy – do I fancy Dovile? You bet I do!

Literally speaking, of course, there is no fur coat in sight, although – as you can see from the pic on the right – she isn’t wearing knickers! But the bright red lipstick, the bright red dress that shows plenty of cleavage and perhaps a little too much leg, and those black heels, all those combine to scream out “all fur coat and no knickers!” And I say – “Good girl Dovile! Bring it on!”

Because she’s absolutely fabulous, isn’t she! Stunningly beautiful, and, when she slowly takes off that sexy red dress, you’ll come to see that she has a body that is every bit as beautiful as her face! Dovile is the sort of girl that I could never get enough of! And I’m sure that I’m not alone in this – plenty of TeenDreams members will already looking forward to Dovile’s next photoshoot! Oh, and that reminds me; these pictures are taken from Dovile’s first ever photoshoot for TeenDreams!

So what a week it’s been on the TeenDreamsBlog! Three first-timers (Dovile, along with Mariana and Jo in the previous two posts), and each one drop dead gorgeous! So what better way to make your weekend special than to treat yourself to a TeenDreams membership! And don’t forget that there are more than 5,600 girls waiting for you once you have joined – you can see some more of them on the TeenDreams free tour!

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