Meggan’s back with more!

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Meggan from TeenDreamsMeggen from TeenDreams

Great news! Meggan’s second exclusive TeenDreams photoset has arrived! And, as they say, it’s a cracker!

As you can see, Meggan herself is looking as fabulous as ever! And there seems to be more focus on her “lower regions” than there was in the first set! Not that she was overly shy even then – but before this second shoot has finished, Meggan is sqatting, totally naked, on the edge of the wondowsill that she’s on, with her legs apart! There’s a whole sequence of pics like that! Good girl! And, judging by the camera angle, photographer Michael White must have been laying on the floor to get the angle! I’m sure you get the picture, figuratively speaking, that is!

But wouldn’t you rather get the pictures, literally speaking? I thought so! Well, as I said, they are exclusive to TeenDreams, so join TeenDreams, it’s the only way! And, after all, it’s not as if Meggan is the only girl you’d be getting! Once you’ve finished – ahem – “admiring” Meggan, you could always take a look at some of the other girls inside – there are more than 5,600 of them, you know!

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Meggan comes to TeenDreams!… and I bet she’s not the only one!

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Meggan (aka Meggen) at TeenDreamsMeggan spreads at TeenDreams

You may have seen Meggan before on the web, she’s one heck of a babe, isn’t she!

You might even think that Meggan has fashion model looks, and the svelte figure and perky little tits to match! And you’d be right, Meggan did indeed start off in fashion, but she has now decided to move into glamour, even though she is still only 19 years old! I’ve no idea why she made the switch, but – my oh my! – am I glad that she did!

And these pictures are taken from Meggan’s first TeenDreams photoshoot, which as released into the members’ area on Monday! And, already, it has become the fourth highest rated set! That’s going some!

The photos were taken by Michael White, exclusively for TeenDreams! And going by what’s happened in the past, if Michael has done one exclusive set for TeenDreams, he will have done a few! So expect to see lots more of Meggan at TeenDreams in the coming weeks!

And because these pictures are exclusive, you’ll need to join TeenDreams to get hold of them! But that’s not such a bad thing, when there are more than 5,600 girls waiting for you inside! If that thought doesn’t get you to put your hand in your pocket, I don’t know what will! 5,600 girls, phew!

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