Tea Jul – Hardcore at TeenDreams!

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Did you know that famous Czech model Tea Jul – yes, the one with the fabulous natural tits and huge, yet perfect, nipples – has done hardcore? No, neither did I, until this morning!

And how did I find out? I was trawling through the archives in the members’ area at TeenDreams, when I came across this photoset of Tea Jul with a guy! I could scarcely believe my eyes! The pics were obviously taken very early in Tea’s career, and we get to see her sucking, fucking, and then getting a well-deserved facial! Excellent!

And as if that isn’t enough, there’s a Tea Jul hardcore video as well! I have to confess that I haven’t watched that yet; I’m going to wait until I get home for that one, so that I can give it my proper attention! And ‘appreciation’!

So, to get your hands on Tea Jul’s early hardcore – 200 images and more that 25 minutes of video – then go ahead and join TeenDreams! You could be watching Czech superbabe Tea Jul sucking and fucking just minutes from now!

Tea Jul in hardcore action at TeenDreams

P.S. Tea Jul isn’t the only top model who has done hardcore at TeenDreams early in her career; check out my posts about Chiara, ‘Olivia (Chiara A) Hardcore Gallery!‘, and Zuzana Zeleznovova, ‘Zuzana gets fucked!‘, for a couple more examples of top girls fucking for TeenDreams!

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Olivia (Chiara A) Hardcore Gallery!

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Olivia (aka Chiara A) at TeenDreams

Olivia, who you may already know as Chiara or Chiara A from other sites, has long been a favorite of mine! And she’s very popular at TeenDreams too, where there are six great photosets featuring this lovely Czech girl!

But did you know that Olivia did some hardcore modelling, back in the early days of her modelling career? Oh yes! Indeed, on 9th April 2008,  a rare hardcore photoset featuring Olivia appeared in the members’ area at TeenDreams! But I’ve never seen a free gallery from this set, not until just now anyway! So here are three pictures showing Olivia in boy/girl action! And here is the link to Olivia’s hardcore image gallery.

Of course, if you want to see more of Olivia sucking and fucking when she was a horny teen – and there are 226 images in the full photoset – then you will need to be a member of TeenDreams – join and enjoy!

Olivia handles cock inside TeenDreamsOlivia goes all the way at TeenDreams

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Olivia – The Picture of Perfection!

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This absolutely mouth-wateringly gorgeous girl is Olivia! And doesn’t she look so sexy in her black see-through dress! But Chiara has the perfect body! So maybe she looks even better totally nude! But I didn’t think that the smaller version of her nude pic, that I made for the blog,  really does her justice! So here is a link to the full-sized picture of Chiara naked, the picture of perfection! And if you want more like that, you know what to do! Join TeenDreams!

Olivia from TeenDreamsOlivia in her see-through black dress

Olivia lays back nude at TeenDreams

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Olivia’s full of enthusiasm and experience!

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Olivia from TeenDreamsOlivia from TeenDreams

Today I would like to introduce you to Olivia! Olivia is a relative new-comer to TeenDreams – the picture on the right is from her most recent TeenDreams photoset which appeared this week. There are four sets of Olivia inside the members area, and – as you can see from the pic on the left – she doesn’t always work alone! And, judging by the mess that he made all over Olivia’s face and perky little tits, it looks like she’s a joy to work with! :) Not surprising, really, because Olivia is quite experienced; she has appeared on other sites before coming to TeenDreams, sometimes using the name Chiara!

Even so, Olivia is still only 19 years old, and she’s a great looking nineteen-year-old at that! And – I hope she won’t mind me saying – she’s not in the slightest shy or coy about showing everything, and she seems very adept, and enthusiastic, when she’s satisfying male desires!

I should point out, of course, that Olivia isn’t the only great looking girl inside TeenDreams, there are thousands of them! If Olivia has caught your interest, why not have a look at some of the other TeenDreams girls on the rest of this blog, or on the TeenDreams free tour! You’ll enjoy the TeenDreams experience, I assure you!

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