Belicia Hardcore from TeenDreams

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Belicia from TeenDreams is a girl who is always likely to get you horny; really pretty, with pert little titties, a perfect round ass, and a lovely hairless pussy! No wonder that guy’s cock is so hard, knowing that it’s just moments away from being up inside this hot Czech chick! Plus the attention it’s already had from Belicia’s pierced tongue! And after he’s given her a good fucking, again, it’s no wonder that he shot such a huge cumload onto Belicia’s face, so much so that the spunk soon starts dripping down off her chin! And by the time that you’ve gone through all the 269 images in Belicia’s hardcore picture set inside TeenDreams, you’ll be ready to shoot your load for this hot little honey bun as well!

Belicia in hardcore action at TeenDreams

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Keeping warm in the snow – Belicia and Zuzana style!

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Zuzana and Belicia in the snow at TeenDreams

Belicia brings Zuzana to orgasm at TeenDreamsA terrific video, featuring Belicia and Zuzana in the snow, arrived in the TeenDreams members’ area yesterday!

It starts off with Zuzana knocking some of the icicles off their chalet, but before long Zuzana comes down off the ladder and starts cuddling up to Belicia. And before not long again, the girls’ warming cuddles become sexual, and they start fondling each other, pulling their tops up and caressing and licking the other one’s nipples, that sort of thing! And then things get serious, and Belicia brings Zuzana off using a glass dildo, and then Zuzana repays Belicia in full! Of course, it’s way too cold for the girls to strip off completely – in fact the snow has started falling again – so they manage all this with their jeans and knickers around their knees! Somehow it’s very sexy, watching the girls making out like this, with only their very most intimate parts exposed! And talking of exposing the girls’ intimate parts, full credit must go to the videographer, who managed to get some excellent extreme close-ups of the girls, even though they were unable to assist him by spreading their legs as they usually do!

I’d like to confess at this point that the pictures accompanying this post are not screen captures from the video, however! Instead, I took the images from the corresponding image set, which is also available to TeenDreams members! And very nice it is too, all 122 images! The video isn’t simply a video of the photoshoot, though, the two were done separately! And when you become a member at TeenDreams, you will be able to confirm this for yourself, firstly by the absence of the still photgrapher’s flash in the video, but also you will notice that the dildos that Zuzana uses on Belicia in the pics and in the movie are different! Oh, and the snow starts falling again during the video, of course!

Zuzana pleasures Belicia's pussy at TeenDreams

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