Double-ended Workout with Jinny and Michelle

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Jinny and Michelle enjoy a workout at TeenDreamsAs I have mentioned before on this blog, I do enjoy a good browse through the archives at TeenDreams! After all, with over 1.4 million images and 1,400 videos in the members’ area, you’re always going to come across something that you either don’t remember, or just plain missed!

And that’s exactly what happened today! I rediscovered this fantastic photoset which features Jinny and Michelle! The girls’ looks complement and contrast with each other perfectly; Jinny is a beautifully slender brunette with the tiniest and perkiest little tits that you could ever hope to see, whereas blonde Michelle is much more curvy, front and rear!

And the chemistry between these two gorgeous teens is so potent that they can scarcely keep their hands off each other! And they are not content with merely pleasuring each other with their fingers and tongues, they give a huge double-ended dildo a thorough workout as well!

Now that I’ve found this photoset again, I’ve saved it as one of my favourites at TeenDreams, so I should never lose it ever again! And you would discover many of your own favourites inside TeenDreams! With more than 5,600 girls inside, how could you not! And you’d be making new favourites all the time as well; each week 30 new items, a mix of photosets and videos, are added to the TeenDreams members’ area! Check out theTeenDreams free tour where you’ll be able to see a selection of the girls that are waiting for you inside! You never know who you’ll find at TeenDreams!

Jinny and Michelle get close at TeenDreams

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