Two sides of Christy

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Christy studying Christy ready to go out

This amazing girl is Christy Kejlova! Christy turned 20 this year, and comes from the St Petersburg area.

It’s always fun to see how a girl looks in different outfits and with different hairstyles, especially when the girl is as cute and sexy as Christy! What do you think of the two outfits she’s wearing for us today?

Personally, I’m in favour of both of them! I love her hair in those big ponytails, and the black over-the-knee socks are very sexy. But then again her summer dress is very short, and I can’t help but keep thinking about peeking up it as we have a picnic on the grass – especially if she really did go out without putting her knickers on first!

Of course, in the full picture sets, Christy does show everything, which is probably her best look of all – she has a fantastic body, perfect in fact! TeenDreams members have full access to four picture sets of Christy, 440 pictures in all! So, to see all of the pics, all of the outfits, and all of Christy, you know what you have to do!

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