Thrills and Spills with TeenDreams Vera

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Vera from TeenDreamsTeenDreams Vera

When I first caught sight of Vera, I almost spilt my coffee! Whew, what a fabulous girl! She’s so sexy, and just nineteen years old! And those big eyes and those full lips – couldn’t you just imagine her looking up at you if you follow my drift (what a thrilling thought)! I bet you’d spill more than your coffee! I certainly would! Possibly all over her gorgeous long auburn hair!

And even though I could quite easily become satisfied just looking at fully dressed picture of Vera, I wouldn’t want you to get too excited too soon! Because Vera’s body doesn’t disappoint – her body is everything that you hoped it would be as you ogle her fully clothed! You can see from the picture on the left that she has a beautiful pussy, totally hairless! Couldn’t you just…

And her breasts are amazing too, so large for a petite teenage girl like Vera! I know that they are hidden, Lady Godiva like, in that picture, but never fear, once you join TeenDreams you’ll be able to admire them in all their glory! And, I can tell you, they are truly glorious! Well worth spilling your coffee for!

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