Home alone with Carolyn

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Carolyn from TeenDreamsJust imagine walking into your living room one evening to find Carolyn, your new teen girlfriend, sitting on your sofa… like that! With her face all cute and innocent, she looks up at you all doey-eyed, but – oh my goodness – what is she wearing! With that totally see through top, and that denim skirt that she’s cut off so short that the bottoms of the pockets hang below the bottom of the skirt, you can’t take her out dressed like that! Every Tom, Dick and Harry will be staring at her, undressing her with their eyes, trying to “cop a feel” as they walk past!

You’re just about to say something, when she leans back on the sofa, and you involuntarily look down as you catch a glimpse of her new red panties! And when you look up again, you see that Carolyn’s expression has changed, there’s a little glint in her eyes, a hint of a smile around her mouth! Then you realise – she was only winding you up, she knew exactly what you’d think when you first saw her outfit, and she was just playing with you! In fact, she’s dressed up to stay in with you, not to go out at all!

The notion of calling her bluff crosses your mind; maybe you should just say “Come on then Carolyn, let’s go!”. See how she reacts, see if she’d “bottle out”, or maybe – just maybe – she might be “up for it”, and you could show her off to all your friends! But then again, another image flashes into your mind – your lovely Carolyn laying back naked on the couch, touching herself in anticipation of feeling your body inside her’s!

And although the idea of parading your lovely dream teen Carolyn about like that, there’s no competition really, is there! You’d stay at home and have her all to yourself, wouldn’t you? I certainly would!

Just imagine what it would be like to have this lovely teen right there on the sofa! And give your imagination a helping hand; join TeenDreams now and download this brilliant photoset of Carolyn – her first! – and watch as this gorgeous teen dreams girl seductively strips for you, before inviting you to gaze upon her hairless spread pussy! And you may find that you’d rather stay home tonight with Carolyn as well!

Carolyn from TeenDreamsCarolyn from TeenDreams

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