Louise gets the job done!

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Monday morning! And interviewing candidates for the new apprentice position is such a bore! Take this girl, Louise, for example. There’s next to nothing on her CV that makes her stand out above the other candidates!

Sexy blonde Louise from TeenDreams

Sure, she’s a good looking girl, she’d brighten the place up, having that cute bod to ogle all day long! But she’s realised, I think, that we’re not going to take her on! Still, one last question, “So, Louise, why do you think that we should take you when there are more experienced candidates for the position?”

Louise sucks on two cocks at TeenDreams

Oh my goodness! Yes, excellent oral skills! And she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to beat off the opposition!

TeenDreams Louise in hardcore threesome action

And it’s true, Louise isn’t afraid of competition! Because she has just become on of the newest TeenDreams girls! And, believe me, once you’re inside the TeenDreams members’ area, you’ll see that there are plenty of stunning girls all competing for your attention. More than 5,600 of them, in fact! When you check out the TeenDreams tour, you’ll get to see plenty more of them!

Oh, and as for Louise, I don’t know if she got the apprentice position she was after, but she certainly got the job done, culminating in a very messy double-facial! And, of course, TeenDreams members get to see all the action!

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