Marketa Belonoha, Vintage 2004

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Although she is more reserved nowadays, Marketa Belonoha was much more open when started off her modelling career. Back then she’d quite willingly take her knickers off and lay back with her legs open. But that all changed pretty quickly, and nowadays you’re lucky to see her without knickers, let alone with her legs pointing in opposite directions! But the great news for Marketa Belonoha fans is that you can still download her ‘early’ photosets from TeenDreams!

Marketa Belonoha lays back with her legs open inside TeenDreamsAnd Marketa isn’t the only girl who did more back in the old days! Did you know that Carla Brown took her knickers off inside TeenDreams (see “It’s only Carla – without her knickers!“)? Or that Zuzana Zeleznovova did a full-on hardcore photoset back in her teens (see “Zuzana gets fucked!“)? Oh yes, you never know what you’re going to come up with when you go rooting around inside the members’ area at TeenDreams!


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Sympathy for the (Lucky) Devil? – I don’t think so!

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Yesterday (Sunday) morning, when the house was quiet and no one was about to disturb my flow, I was indulging in one of my favorite activities, namely rooting through the archives in the members’ area at TeenDreams! And I came across this rather interesting photoset in which Marketa Belonoha and Suzana Spears are on the bed with a guy!

The poor chap though! Although both girls are totally naked (except for their black hold-ups), the girls never once touch his – ahem, shall we say – “his members’ area”, although at one point it does look as if Susana is rubbing off on him! Can you imagine the delightful agony he must have been going through, rolling around on the bed with two absolute babes, touching them, looking at them, but not recieving ultimate satisfaction from either of them!

But that’s not to say that TeenDreams members can’t achieve fulfilment with this photoset! I mean, Marketa and Susana are such stunners that I have no doubt that they both have satisfied many members individually, and seeing the two on the bed together with that guy, well, let’s just say that it worked for me!

This photoset was added to the TeenDreams members’ area back in 2005, but did you know that TeenDreams first started out in 1997, over ten years ago now! No wonder that there are more than 1.4 million images and over 1,400 videos available to download! So you’ll never know which of your favourite girls you may come across as you search through the vaults! That’s if you have time to, of coursse! Because TeenDreams updates the members’ area thirty times a week (six updates each weekday), so you’ll probably have your hands full just keeping up with all the new girls! Take a look at the TeenDreams free tour and you’ll see lots more of what TeenDreams is all about!

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Marketa Belonoha back in the day at TeenDreams

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Marketa Belonoha at TeenDreamsMarketa Belonoha spreads her pussy at TeenDreams

On seeing these pictures, those of you who already know Marketa Belonoha might well be forgiven for thinking that her younger sister has taken up modelling! But no! This is the real Marketa Belonoha from a few years back, before she went all “shy”! I found this photoset this morning when I was rooting around inside the archives in the members’ area at TeenDreams! And quite a find it is, I hope you’ll agree!

Marketa looks so youthful and fresh-faced in this photoset! And I love the way she’s dressed! You could imagine seeing her on a Friday night out, looking so sweet and just a little bit “tarty” in that short black dress (and obviously not wearing a bra despite having a very ample pair of boobs!), and with the pink belt and those tights! But if you were lucky enough (or, perhaps, smart enough!) to catch a glimpse up her dress, you might have been amazed to see that this sweet teen was not only not wearing any panties, but that her tights were crotchless as well!

But just look at her amazing teenage body once she starts to strip off! Her breasts are simply fabulous; a good size and so firm! And the same can be said for her ass, nice and round! But best of all, look at Marketa spreading her sweet teenage pussy for you in the pic on the right! Whew, what a fabulous girl!

There are 187 images in the full photoset, which TeenDreams members can either view on-line or download in a zip file! And I bet it won’t be just the file that gets unzipped! After all, who could resist Marketa Belonoha when she looked like this!

So, if you’d like to get your hands on Marketa, and all the other girls in the TeenDreams members’ area, you know what to do! Simply join TeenDreams now! And don’t forget that there are more than 5,600 other girls inside TeenDreams as well! You could always take the TeenDreams free tour to see some more of them! Enjoy!

Marketa Belonoha shows members her perfect body

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