Tea Jul – Hardcore at TeenDreams!

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Did you know that famous Czech model Tea Jul – yes, the one with the fabulous natural tits and huge, yet perfect, nipples – has done hardcore? No, neither did I, until this morning!

And how did I find out? I was trawling through the archives in the members’ area at TeenDreams, when I came across this photoset of Tea Jul with a guy! I could scarcely believe my eyes! The pics were obviously taken very early in Tea’s career, and we get to see her sucking, fucking, and then getting a well-deserved facial! Excellent!

And as if that isn’t enough, there’s a Tea Jul hardcore video as well! I have to confess that I haven’t watched that yet; I’m going to wait until I get home for that one, so that I can give it my proper attention! And ‘appreciation’!

So, to get your hands on Tea Jul’s early hardcore – 200 images and more that 25 minutes of video – then go ahead and join TeenDreams! You could be watching Czech superbabe Tea Jul sucking and fucking just minutes from now!

Tea Jul in hardcore action at TeenDreams

P.S. Tea Jul isn’t the only top model who has done hardcore at TeenDreams early in her career; check out my posts about Chiara, ‘Olivia (Chiara A) Hardcore Gallery!‘, and Zuzana Zeleznovova, ‘Zuzana gets fucked!‘, for a couple more examples of top girls fucking for TeenDreams!

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Zuzana Showers Her Girlfriend!

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I still remember the morning when I first saw this TeenDreams photoset, way back in 2007! I’d always been totally smitten with the blonde, Zuzana Zeleznovoa;  such a pretty little face, perky titties, and that gorgeous round ass! And to see Zuzana and her girlfriend get into the shower together, still in their sexy black lingerie, and with their hair all wet, well, I had to pace myself, lest I should thank the girls in the time-honoured fashion before reaching the end of the photshoot! And I was doing alright, really, until Zuzana thanked her girlfriend in a rather less conventional manner (see the bottom left pic). That’s not something that I’m particularly into, but I have to confess it caught me unawares, and I was soon off for an early shower of my own! Just goes to show that you never know what you’ll come across inside TeenDreams!

Zuzana and Pavlina in the shower together

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Zuzana and Edita Tube Video

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It scarcely seems like more than two years since I wrote about a brilliant TeenDreams video featuring the gorgeous Zuzana Zeleznovova getting into some hot lesbian dildo action with Edita (“21 Minutes of Heaven with Zuzana and Edita“)! But the truth of the matter is that it is still one of my favorite videos when I’m in the mood for some hot girl on girl action! And today I found a tube clip from that same video, and so I thought I would share it with you!

Zuzana and Edita Tube Video from TeenDreamsVisit TeenDreamsVault – TeenDreams’ very own tube site!

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Zuzana Zeleznovova Orgasms on Video at TeenDreams

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Zuzana Zeleznovova on video at TeenDreamsZuzana Zeleznovova on video at TeenDreams

These images are all video captures taken from Zuzana Zeleznovova’s latest TeenDreams video which was released this week! As you can see, Zuzana is looking as sexy as ever, and those little ponytails are just perfect! And talking of perfection, just wait ’til you see the video – you’ll see that Zuzana’s tits and ass are just as firm and tight as ever!

Zuzana Zeleznovova on video at TeenDreamsZuzana Zeleznovova on video at TeenDreams

Zuzana slowly undresses and masturbates for us in this video. She doesn’t use toys (unless you count her panties which she strokes across her pussy several times before licking them!), but instead she prefers to use her fingers! And Zuzana knows best, judging by the sounds she makes when she finally reaches her amazing orgasm, her back arching as she thrusts her hips forward against those elegant and sticky fingers that are deep inside her!

Zuzana Zeleznovova on video at TeenDreamsZuzana Zeleznovova on video at TeenDreams

If you would like to be able to download more than 4,000 pictures and seven videos featuring Zuzana, then TeenDreams is definitely the place for you, so join TeenDreams today! Oh, and by the way, I guess I should also remind you that there are over 5,600 girls inside TeenDreams as well as Zuzana for you to enjoy!

Zuzana Zeleznovova on video at TeenDreamsZuzana Zeleznovova on video at TeenDreams

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Keeping warm in the snow – Belicia and Zuzana style!

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Zuzana and Belicia in the snow at TeenDreams

Belicia brings Zuzana to orgasm at TeenDreamsA terrific video, featuring Belicia and Zuzana in the snow, arrived in the TeenDreams members’ area yesterday!

It starts off with Zuzana knocking some of the icicles off their chalet, but before long Zuzana comes down off the ladder and starts cuddling up to Belicia. And before not long again, the girls’ warming cuddles become sexual, and they start fondling each other, pulling their tops up and caressing and licking the other one’s nipples, that sort of thing! And then things get serious, and Belicia brings Zuzana off using a glass dildo, and then Zuzana repays Belicia in full! Of course, it’s way too cold for the girls to strip off completely – in fact the snow has started falling again – so they manage all this with their jeans and knickers around their knees! Somehow it’s very sexy, watching the girls making out like this, with only their very most intimate parts exposed! And talking of exposing the girls’ intimate parts, full credit must go to the videographer, who managed to get some excellent extreme close-ups of the girls, even though they were unable to assist him by spreading their legs as they usually do!

I’d like to confess at this point that the pictures accompanying this post are not screen captures from the video, however! Instead, I took the images from the corresponding image set, which is also available to TeenDreams members! And very nice it is too, all 122 images! The video isn’t simply a video of the photoshoot, though, the two were done separately! And when you become a member at TeenDreams, you will be able to confirm this for yourself, firstly by the absence of the still photgrapher’s flash in the video, but also you will notice that the dildos that Zuzana uses on Belicia in the pics and in the movie are different! Oh, and the snow starts falling again during the video, of course!

Zuzana pleasures Belicia's pussy at TeenDreams

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Zuzana – all dressed up… or, at least, she was!

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Zuzana uses her dildo to warm up her pussy!Zuzana's all dressed up in her sexy suit and lingerie for TeenDreams

Zuzana’s been one of my favorite girls – probably my absolute favorite if I had to chose – since way before I ever started writing this blog! And her photosets and videos still have as much effect on me as they did way back when! Zuzana is a girl whose appeal just grows and grows! Along with something else!

And this latest photoshoot – which appeared in the TeenDreams members’ area this morning – is an absolute corker! She’s really dressed up for this one in a sexy red suit along with her black lingerie! And once she’s undressed (except for her seamed stockings and suspenders, of course!), she starts with the sex toys; a smallish dildo to start with, but then graduating on to a much larger vibrator! I can’t help but look at that vibrator in the pic below and think “It should’ve been me!” Just imagine…

… and imagine is exactly what I’m going to do now! So I’d best just remind you to join TeenDreams so that you can download all of Zuzana’s photos and videos! That’s more than 4,000 images and 6 movies! And then you might even have time to look at some of the 5,600+ other girls that TeenDreams have! Enjoy – I know I will!

Zuzana takes her vibrator for behind at TeenDreams

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Zuzana and Zoe McDonald – 2 x double-dildo penetration!

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As you’ve probably gathered, rooting around inside the members’ area at TeenDreams is one of my favourite pass-times! Given that there are over 5,000 girls, 12,900 photosets and more than 1,000 videos, and thirty new items added every week, you never know what you might find!

And, I can tell you, I was dead chuffed when I came across a wonderful video featuring Zuzana and another of my favourite girls, the cuddly yet sexy Zoe McDonald! The video starts off gently with the two girls playing around a little, looking down each other’s fronts, showing their panties, that sort of thing. But before too long, the girls have their hands inside each other’s knickers, and the action takes off from there…

As you watch, you can’t help but notice that Zoe is the more turned on of the two! Zuzana finger fucks her and then goes down on her pussy, and Zoe achieves a little orgasm. As the two girls kiss, Zuzana reaches behind a cushion and pulls out a dildo, which she starts to use on Zoe again!

Zoe’s in the doggie position, and we’re treated to some excellent views of Zuzana working on her pussy with her fingers, tongue and the dildo! But – uh oh, what’s happening here? … Zoe’s found another toy, and – oh my goodness! – she starts to fuck her own behind with it!

Zoe McDonald is filled with two dildos

And it’s not long before Zoe starts to cum again! But this time, it’s not a little orgasm, Zoe’s moaning and her eyes are rolling! I can honestly say that I’ve never seen Zoe McDonald cum quite like that ever before, with such genuine intensity and pleasure!

Zuzana reaches orgasm!But now it’s Zuzana’s turn! Zoe gets to work on Zuzana’s pussy with her fingers and mouth, and then with large purple vibrator! She runs the vibrator over Zuzana’s clit, and plunges it deep inside her! Zuzana’s clearly loving it, and you might think that she is going to come just like that, but there’s still more to come…

My eyes were out on stalks as I watched Zuzana reach round and start to play with her own ass, gradually working one finger right in! I was expecting that she would cum just like that – but no! – she takes another dildo, starts to fuck herself in the ass with it as Zoe continues to hammer her pussy with the vibrator! Needless to say, Zuzana is finally driven over the edge, and shudders her way through an orgasm that looks every bit as intense as the one that Zoe had minutes before!

This video lasts for nearly 24 minutes, 23:50 to be precise! If you want to see the whole thing, you know what to do; join TeenDreams! Or perhaps you’d rather have a look at a few more of the TeenDreams girls first? No problem – check the rest of the blog, or take the TeenDreams free tour!

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Zuzana gets fucked!

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We’ve seen Zuzana Zeleznovova before on this blog, either by herself or with other girls. But once, long ago, Zuzana was photographed with a guy! And TeenDreams have the pics to prove it…

Zuzana sucks cock a TeenDreamsZuzana Zeleznovova takes it doggy style

First off, Zuzana sucks his cock, to make him nice and hard! Wouldn’t take long, would it, with Zuzana on the end of it! And then he starts off fucking her doggy style – imagine looking down at that great ass as you pump into her pussy! She’s not in for an easy ride either – see how hard he’s pinching her tit?

Zuzana Zeleznovova gets fucked at TeenDreamsZuzana gets it from behind

Then he turns her over so that he can look at her face and those pert little titties! But pretty quickly he has her on her front again! Well, she’s always has had a great behind, has Zuzana!

Zuzana licks the end of his cockZuzana goes down at TeenDreams

Getting close, suck on it Zuzana! No, stop messing about, suck on it properly, you b****!

Zuzana Zeleznovova gets a face full of spunkZuzana with cum all over her face at TeenDreams

Oh fuck yeah! If that felt half as good as it looks, he must have died and gone to heaven already! Imagine that… looking down at your cock infront of Zuzana’s pretty spunk-covered face!

There are over one hundred pictures in this photoset! Join TeenDreams and download them all!

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Zuzana – in vino veritas!

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At the weekend, I was having a conversation with a young lady, and I said something like “It’s like most things – the idea of it is better than the reality!”, to which she replied “A good glass of red wine isn’t like that!”. “Ah”, I responded, ” I must never have had a good red wine then!”. “Or maybe”, she said, “maybe you’ve just never had a glass of good red wine with the right person!”… Yikes!

Zuzana partakes of a glass of good red wine Zuzana Zeleznovova after more than one glass, perhaps?

Needless to say, my response would have been completely different had the young lady in question been the gorgeous Zuzana! Sadly, though, she wasn’t!

Still, it seemed like a huge coincidence when this photoset of Zuzana appeared on TeenDreams today! It seems that the lucky TeenDreams members will be coming home tonight to find Zuzana in the kitchen, already well into a glass of good red wine! And strangely, she’s wearing nothing but her apron, her black panties and some seriously sexy high (and I mean high!) heels! Goodness, it’s their lucky night, for sure! And once Zuzana’s taken off her apron and panties, she pleasures herself with her dildo, right there on the counter! It truely is a wonderful photoset, I can tell you!

Unlike with most things, the reality of a TeenDreams membership is much better than thinking about it! Check out some of the girls on the TeenDreams free tour and see for yourself!

And don’t forget, Zuzana will be waiting for you inside! Don’t make her finish that bottle all alone!

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Anetta and Zuzana are back again!

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Anetta and Zuzana in their evening gowns at TeenDreamsOh my! Anetta and Zuzana are back again! It was only a few days back that we saw these two lovely babes making out downstairs in the garage (All revved up with Anetta and Zuzanna!), but the girls are looking so fantastic again that I just had to show you! This time they are dressed up in their evening gowns! Perhaps they were attending some boring old corporate function, or something like that, and decided to sneak off to the boardroom for some privacy!
Anetta and Zuzana kissing with tongues at TeenDreams

It seems that Anetta and Zuzana can’t keep their hands off each other these days, not even for a moment! They are so into each other – look at the way that they are kissing with tongues in the smaller pic!

And soon their dresses are on the floor, and all they are wearing are their heels and their jewellry, and their lesbian lovemaking starts in earnest! Look at the expression of pure pleasure on Anetta’s face, as Zuzana licks on her nipple! And Zuzana hasn’t even started on her pussy yet!

But talking of pussy, what an excellent view of Zuzana’s pussy we get, as she bends over Anetta! And her ass too! Couldn’t you just imagine yourself thrusting into Zuzana in that position! Don’t you want to get your hands on the girls after seeing a vision like that! And don’t you want to see the whole image series featuring these two top class babes? I bet you do! Well, it’s easy! Simply join up with TeenDreams today and you’ll have access to all their pictures, and over a million more besides! Go on, treat yourself to more naked girls than you’d ever expect to see for yourself in a whole lifetime!

Anetta and Zuzana making out at TeenDreams

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