Edita Bente Sucks, Fucks and More inside TeenDreams!

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Edita Bente at TeenDreamsIf you were to see a sight like this – Edita Bente oiled-up in a mesh one-piece, about to pull the top down to show you her precious little titties – you might think that you were having a wet dream, or that you were having a private dance inside a very exclusive gentlemen’s club. Because Edita Bente (or simply “Bente” as she is often known) is a teen like no other! She is simply stunning! Just look at her face, perfect! And her little body! More than perfect! Edita Bente’s little tits are flawless, she has a perfect round behind, and a neat hairless pussy that you’d just love to… well, a neat hairless pussy anyway!

But when you see Edita Bente naked and sucking cock, you’d be left in no doubt as to where you are! Inside TeenDreams of course! In this amazing photoset, not only does Edita Bente suck and fuck cock, she takes it up her ass as well! And then she kneels obidiently while he jerks his cock into her face, shooting his cum onto her tongue and up her face (heck, some of it nearly goes in her eye!)! What a good girl she is!

Bente is definitely one of my favorite girls – join TeenDreams to watch Edita Bente fuck some more!

Edita Bente gets spunked on at TeenDreamsEdita Bente fucked in the ass

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Bente Catches Him Masturbating – Free Image Gallery

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Bente eases down on his cockJust a quick note, really, to those of you who enjoyed the pics of sexy little teen Bente sucking and fucking in our Christmas Day post, “Bente Catches Him Masturbating!” – we’ve just finished building a free image gallery with some more pics from that sequence!

As for me, after several hours of looking at Bente, I’m off for a little relief! If only Bente would catch me! I wish!

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Bente Catches Him Masturbating!

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First of all, “Merry Christmas” everybody, I hope you have a good one!

Now, have you ever been caught masturbating? Or perhaps it’s a fantasy of yours? It certainly is one of mine – as long as I’m caught by the right person, that is! And there’s no one I’d rather be caught by than a gorgeous teen like Bente! And that’s exactly what happens to the lucky chap in this fantastic photoset from TeenDreams! He’s laying there, having a nice stroke to the centrefold in his “Barely Legal” magazine, and Bente slips into the room and spots him, without his realising that she is there!

Bente catches him masturbating at TeenDreamsBente sucks cock at TeenDreams

A situation like that could go either way, but Bente is a girl who loves cock, and straight away she heads over and gives his cock a little sucking, before stripping off and letting him fuck her!

And it all finishes off with a special Christmas present – letting him spunk all over her sweet face and titties!

Bente gets fucked at TeenDreamsBente gets spunked on at TeenDreams

Why not treat yourself to a special Christmas present too? How about a TeenDreams membership? You could download the whole of this image sequence (142 images) and then start on the 5,600+ other girls that are inside TeenDreams! Just be careful that you don’t get caught… unless you want to be, of course!

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Bente – tomorrow’s porn star today!

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Bente from TeenDreamsJust how sweet and innocent does Bente look! “Very”, I would say, in her cutsie pink dress and her little white panties! But then again, check out her smouldering dark eyes, maybe there’s something more to this lovely 19 year old from Germany!

And sure enough, there is! Almost unbelievably, Bente’s stated ambition is to become an adult star! To star in hardcore porn!

Well, she’s well on her way! Already she’s featured in three boy/girl sets for TeenDreams.com, comprising a massive 667 pictures of this lovely babe that members can download!

For a glimpse of Bente in action, take a look at this free image gallery from TeenDreams!

After that, you might like to check out the TeenDreams free tour. Bente and a whole host of gorgeous babes are waiting for you inside the web’s largest teen site!

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