Two Nice Free Galleries

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Today I thought I would bring to your attention two rather nice free galleries which furnish some more pics from sequences that have previously been the subject of posts here on the TeenDreamsBlog. And the fact that they feature two of my favorite TeenDreams girls had no bearing on the matter! Of course not! Anyway, Margarita is on the left, and Anna Jitkova is on the right; just click on the images to see the full-sized galleries! And enjoy!

Margarita from TeenDreamsAnna Jitkova from TeenDreams

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Anna Jitkova Takes Off Her Party Dress!

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Anna Jitkova in her panties at TeenDreamsAnna Jitkova shows us her ass at TeenDreams

Here we are again with one of my favorite TeenDreams girls, Anna Jitkova! Anna is trying on her new party dress infront of the mirror, and very nice it looks too! But Anna is such an impish little thing that as soon as she realises that she is being watched, she starts messing about, lifting it up at the back so that we can have a look her ass! And, I must say, her coquettish little ways have the required effect! I for one can scarcely take my eyes off this petite and sexy teenage girl! But not content with showing her ass, Anna Jitkova takes off her party dress so that we can feast our eyes on her perky little titties! And for the members at TeenDreams, Anna goes even further; she takes her panties off for them as well! So, if you want Anna Jitkova’s pussy, join TeenDreams without delay, and grab her seven TeenDreams photosets!

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Anna Jitkova Steps into the Shower at TeenDreams

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The more that I see of Russian teen sensation Anna Jitkova, the moreI want her! And gazing upon her naked body, at her perfect round behind and at her pert little titties as she gets into the shower, makes it almost impossible to type! And the only cure for this affliction is to look at her some more, to imagine that her cheeky little smile is an invitation to join her in the shower! After all, would you be able to say “Niet” if Anna wanted you to help her scrub her back? No, I thought not!

Still, the chances of meeting teen dream Anna Jitkova are pretty slim! A bit like the girl herself! So the next best thing is to be given the opportunity to admire her in private! And that’s exactly what a TeenDreams membership gives you! Inside the members’ area, there are 778 pictures of Anna Jitkova spread over seven photosets! So why not treat yourself today! And you never know, one day you may even get around to checking out some of the other 5000+ sexy teen girls inside TeenDreams!

Anna Jitkova steps into the TeenDreams showerTeenDreams Anna Jitkova

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Anna Jitkova – Coming on Close to Perfection!

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Anna Jitkova looking cute and sexy in her retro outfit and white socksAnna Kitkova shows off her perky little titties at TeenDreams
Sexy teen Anna Jitkova is naked at TeenDreams

Anna Jitkova first appeared on the TeenDreamsBlog in “Anna Jitkova’s Intimate Secret” on December 22nd. Back then we were talking about this sexy impish little teen’s first ever TeenDreams photoset. And although that was less than one month ago, Anna has already five great photosets in the TeenDreams members’ area and has been nominated as one of the six contestants for the January “Model of the Month” competition!

And, I have to confess, Anna Jitkova has got my vote! But whatever the outcome of the competition, I’m sure that Anna will remain a firm favorite with the TeenDreams members! HerĀ  cute little face and perfect little breasts will see to that, I have no doubt!

In fact, if you are into your teens, then Anna Jitkova could be coming on close to perfection! And if you are into your teens, then TeenDreams could be the perfect website for you as well! Why not take a look at the TeenDreams free tour and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Photos and videos of more than 5,600 teenage girls like Anna Jitkova! And with a selection of six fresh photosets or videos being added to the members’ area each weekday, you’ll never be short of gorgeous girls when you join TeenDreams!

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Anna Jitkova’s Intimate Secret

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Anna shows off her lovely little titties at TeenDreamsAnna Jitkova from TeenDreams

This lovely teenage girl is Anna Jitkova! And these pictures are from her first ever photoset for TeenDreams, and, I can tell you, she’s causing quite a stir inside the members’ area!

You see, not only is she one of the prettiest, cheekiest looking teen girls that you could ever hope to come across! And not only has she got one of the perkiest pairs of little titties that you’re ever like to gaze upon! And not only has she got one of the nicest, round behinds that you could ever fantasize about! But Anna has what looks like a secret tatoo around her most intimate parts! And very smooth and pretty intimate parts they are as well!

So wouldn’t you like to see first-hand what delights await you between this fabulous Russian teen’s slender legs? Anna certainly doesn’t seem to mind showing off her sexy secret for the members at TeenDreams! So, go on, give your own member a treat and join TeenDreams today! With over 5,600 girls inside, you’re bound to have a very happy Christmas!

See all of Anna Jitkova inside TeenDreams

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