Penny Cums of Age!

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This is the thrid time that Penny has appeared on the TeenDreamsBlog recently! On the previous occasions (in “Four Girl Lesbian Sleep-Over at TeenDreams” and “Pull for Penny!“), we have seen the “teenie” side of Penny. But in her most recent TeenDreams image gallery, Penny “glams it up” and- my oh my! – doesn’t she carry it off well!

Penny and her amazing cleavage

Penny lifts up her skirt for us at TeenDreams

A little make-up and a change of clothes, and Penny is transformed from sexy teen to glamour babe! But whichever look she adopts, she’s still got that amazing pair of boobies and a willingness to flaunt herself and masturbate infront of the camera!

Penny pulls down her panties at TeenDreamsTeenDreams babe Penny finger-fucks her pussy

And you will surely find yourself masturbating infront of your monitor when you join the TeenDreams website! Not only will you have Penny to inspire your thoughts, but more than five thousand and six hundred other great girls as well! Your only problem will be in deciding which girl to cum for first!

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Four Girl Lesbian Sleep-Over at TeenDreams

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Oh my goodness! Looks like we’ve stumbled upon a bit of a girlie sleep-over here! What a fabulous collection of teen girls, all in their little tops, knickers, and brightly-colored socks! So sweet, so sexy!…

Four sexy teens have a lesbian sleep-over at TeenDreams

And regular readers may recognise the second girl from the left, the cutie in the white vest and hooped socks! Yes, it’s Penny, who was featured in “Pull for Penny” last month, when her first solo girl set arrived in the TeenDreams members’ area! And I said back then that Penny didn’t seem to be shy about masturbating infront of the camera (and hence all the TeenDreams members)! Well, she doesn’t seem too shy about kissing and making out with other girls either!…

Penny snogging her girlfriend at TeenDreams

… or about sharing a double-ended dildo with one of her girlfriends!…

Sexy teens sharing a huge double-ended dildo at TeenDreams

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the other two teens were getting up to at the time, I can tell you that it involved a pretty big strap-on! Of course, you can always see for yourself, just join TeenDreams and you can download the whole photoset in one zip file! And that won’t be all that you’ll be unzipping once you get inside TeenDreams, I assure you!

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Pull for Penny!

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Penny is a brand new teenager at TeenDreamsI was all set to finish “work” for the day when I logged in to TeenDreams just to see today’s latest updates (six new image sets or videos are added into the members’ area each weekday!), and I saw Penny here! And, oh my, I quickly pulled the girl I was going to post today (who, incidentally is a great favorite of mine) in order that I can bring Penny straight to you! Imagine, you’re seeing her before even many of the paying members will have!

Penny is one of the cutest, freshest, teens that I’ve seen in a while! Just look at that face and that wide and innocent smile! And then look lower… look at those fabulous tits – you can just make out her nipples straining at her top! And, I can tell you, she is not wearing a bra! And when you see this girl with her top off, man, they are amazing!

And once she’s taken her jeans and knickers off, well, you won’t be disappointed there either! Penny doesn’t seem to be shy about masturbation – and there’s no reason for her to be – and before the end of the photoshoot she’s laying back on the kitchen  work-surface with a dildo up her neatly trimmed little snatch! What a perfect sight! What a perfect girl!

And I hope that Penny likes the idea of TeenDreams members masturbating as they look at her! Because I have no doubt that guys all around the world will be spurting as they get home this evening and log into TeenDreams and see pretty Penny for the first time!

As for myself, I may have pulled the girl I was going to post today, but that’s all I’ve pulled, so far! But just as soon as I get home, I’m going to be pulling for Penny along with the best of them!

So don’t miss out! Join TeenDreams and pull for Penny tonight!

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