Aiden, Nikita and Tina TeenDreams Threesome

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Aiden, Nikita and Tina together at TeenDreams

Three lovely teens, Aiden, Nikita and Tina, are already stripped down to their sexy lingerie, and ready for some steamy girl-on-girl action! They have to control themselves at first though, as they are asked to pose together so that we can admire the girls’ beauty, but soon they are unleashed and in no time they are all naked, and the bed becomes a writhing mass of arms and legs, tongues and pussies, fabulous little titties and pert round behinds! It’s like everywhere you look there’s girlie flesh on show, and it’s hard to keep track of who is doing what and with whom! But you won’t care as you settle back to watch the full 120 picture photoset inside TeenDreams! You’ll be way too busy!

Teenage lesbian threesomeAiden and Nikita kiss, as Tina licks Nikitas pussy at TeenDreams

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