Vika Takes a Shower at TeenDreams!

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Sexy new teen Vika at TeenDreamsVika sprays her boobies at TeenDreams

Here is another new girl from TeenDreams! This lovely maiden’s name is Vika, but I cannot tell you very much else about her. Her pictures only appeared in the members’ area today, and I guess the TeenDreams guys haven’t had time to write up her model info yet! Ha ha, if they’re anything like me, they’ve been too busy fiddling under the desk to get much work done! Although I’m not sure what excuse Andrea, who is one of the TeenDreams staff can have! Although one can dream, I guess! It is called TeenDreams, after all!

Still, getting back to the matter in hand! No, not that; I meant getting back to Vika! Sexy, isn’t she! I love her look and that hair, and she’s got a great body too! And there’s always something especially hot about a girl who gets in the shower without undressing first! Like watching Vika’s already slightly see-through panties go totally see-through, watching as the material starts to cling to every fold, every valley! Of course, Vika does take her wet knickers and vest off after a while! Vika wants you make sure that we get a really good look at her pussy and ass before the hot water runs out!

So don’t let all of Vika’s sexy endeavour be in vain! Join TeenDreams, and then you’ll be able to see every inch of this gorgeous girl’s body! And thousands of other beautiful, cute and sexy teens as well!

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