Alina and Bryana – Lesbian Teens with Toys

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I was unashamedly looking forward to seeing Alina’s first girl/girl photoset, even though I was expecting it to be pretty soft! After all, she is (as you probably know by now) one of my most favorite TeenDreams girls! And I wasn’t at all disappointed as I looked through the first pics in the series; Alina is teamed up with another cute blonde, Bryana, I couldn’t have been happier! But whoa, what’s this, just thirty pics in and Alina has got a huge strap-on dildo in her hand…

Alina and Bryana contemplate a huge strap-on dildo at TeenDreams

… it’s gotta be just a tease though, right? Wrong! Alina wastes little time in putting it on, and after Bryana has given Alina’s make-believe penis a blowjob, Alina fucks her cute blonde girlfriend! Well, not strictly “fucks”, I guess; because it goes straight into her ass!…

Alina fucks Bryana's ass with her strap-on dildo

Wow! I really never thought I’d see Alina doing this sort of stuff! But that’s not all! Once the girls have finished with the strap-on, out comes the massager, and this time it’s Alina on the recieving end!

Bryana rubs Alina's clit with the massager at TeenDreams

You’ll be able to download all of Alina and Bryana’s wonderful pictures (169 in this photoset) just as soon as you join TeenDreams! Plus there are 11 other photosets of Alina and two movies as well for you to enjoy! Oh, and I nearly forgot, there are some 5,600 other lovely girls waiting for you inside TeenDreams as well!

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Alina’s Latest TeenDreams Photoset

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On Friday, another great new photoset of one of my favorites, Alina, was released into the TeenDreams members’ area! And I love this one! Perfect, even! The gorgeous busty blonde teen starts off in a lovely teenybopper-ish outfit, complete with little pleated mini-skirt and red opaque socks! And her little white panties are see-through as well, and look even sexier once Alina gets all oily! Phew, you can almost smell the baby oil! And, of course, being TeenDreams, Alina’s knickers don’t stay on too long, so we’re treated to plenty of pictures of Alina’s shiny pussy and ass! So don’t waste your time thinking about it, just join TeenDreams, and start downloading Alina! There are two videos and over 1,500 pictures of this sexy teen for you to enjoy!

Alina lifts up her skirt at TeenDreamsAlina's panties go totally see-through when they get oilyGorgeous teen Alina takes off her panties for us inside TeenDreams

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Cute Teen Alina Goes Platinum!

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Alina goes platinum at TeenDreamsAlina masturbates with her pocket rocket inside TeenDreams

Alina first arrived at TeenDreams last year as a fresh strawberry blonde eighteen year old. And I was one of many who were very taken with her right from the start! She’s one of those really special teens who have both cute and sexy going for them! And she wasn’t shy about opening her legs, even back then!

And now Alina’s back with a brand new photoset and two absolutely beautiful videos as well! And doesn’t she look amazing with her new platinum blonde hair color! Oh yes, my admiration for Alina is back in torrents! And when you see the complete photoset of her stripping off and playing with her little pocket rocket sex toy, masturbating by rubbing it against her sensitive teenage clit, you’ll probably follow Alina’s lead suit and appreciate Alina with your own torrent of admiration!

Think how good you’ll feel with your cock in your hand and Alina’s teenage pussy all over your screen! Join TeenDreams right away and you could be relieving yourself with this horny blonde teen in minutes!

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Alina’s the Whole Package!

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Alina shows off her ass to great effect inside TeenDreamsSexy blonde teen Alina opens her legs inside TeenDreams

Alina’s first TeenDreams photoset appeared only a little over two months ago, but already there are seven images sets of this lovely blonde teen for TeenDreams members to download!

I wonder why she’s so popular? Is it her picture-perfect face? Are her amazing breasts responsible? Maybe her gorgeous round behind! Or her sumptuous pussy perhaps? Or those sexy legs that she seems to love showing off in stockings and suspenders! Or maybe all the above combine to make Alina the whole package!

And, in the realm of teen-oriented websites, a selection of more than 5,600 girls and 30 updates per week combine to make TeenDreams the ultimate package! Who could ask for more!

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Fresh blonde teen Alina from TeenDreams!

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Fresh blonde teen Alina from TeenDreamsThis lovely fresh blonde teen is Alina, and she’s a newcomer to TeenDreams! But – wow! – what a gorgeous girl she is! Probably the hottest new property since the delightful Anna Jitkova burst onto the scene!

And I love the outfit that has been chosen for Alina to wear in this photoshoot! A sexy red petticoat, with red suspenders and red fishnet stockings! But as Alina takes off her slip, you realise that Alina is not just facially beautiful, she has a wonderful body too! And such fabulous tits! Nice and pert but not too small, certainly large enough to slide something inbetween! Although later, as Alina opens her legs more and more, you might be tempted to slide that thing somewhere else instead!

Image gallery featuring fresh new teen Alina

You can see more of the gorgeous Alina in this free image gallery! Try not to get your screen too messy though; when you’re done, you might want to check out all of Alina’s photos! Become a member at TeenDreams, not only will you have Alina, but more than 5,000 other gorgeous girls to admire as well! And TeenDreams update their members’ area thirty times a week, so you’ll be able to look forward to plenty more sexy teenagers like Alina at TeenDreams!

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