Bountiful Teen Taylor

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Taylor from TeenDreams
If you go down to the pool today, you’re sure of a big surprise! Well, OK, not quite “sure”, but you might get lucky and bump into Taylor! Although your chances are pretty slim, I guess, unless you live in Brno in the Czech Republic, which is Taylor’s hometown. And even then it’s not really that likely that you’ll see her! Still, we can dream! After all, this is the TeenDreamsBlog! And these pictures of the gorgeous Taylor should fuel a good number of dreams!Taylor goes topless!

Taylor has a truly beautiful face, but I imagine that it is her figure that would catch everyone’s attention as she emerges poolside in her sexy bikini! And what a fabulous, curvy and voluptuous figure she has, don’t you think! And even more amazing when you discover that Taylor was still eighteen when these photographs were taken! [Taylor is only nineteen now; her birthday was on 2nd August!]

And I’d be thinking that all my birthdays had come at once if she took off her bikini top, like she does in the pictures. It has to be said – she really has got fabulous tits!

You can see more pictures of Taylor at the pool in this free gallery from TeenDreams!

And please don’t forget to check out the TeenDreams free tour! TeenDreams members have access to 157 unmissable pictures of Taylor!

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