Gorgeous Blonde Denisa

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Denisa B from TeenDreamsGorgeous Blonde Denisa BDenisa first appeared on TeenDreams way back in 2005, not long after her 18th birthday! And, although she is now more of a “babe” than a “teen”, you can see from these pictures, taken from her most recent TeenDreams picture set which appeared in the members’ area on Friday, that Denisa is still as hot as ever! And if you’re new to Denisa, you might think to yourself “If she looks like that now, just imagine what she looked like back then!” Well, the good news is that you won’t have to tax the imagination too much, because inside TeenDreams there are 57 photosets and 18 movies featuring Denisa, so you can follow the development of Denisa through from tasty teen to gorgeous babe! Imagine that, over six thousand pictures of Denisa, and all those videos too! Join TeenDreams today and start downloading Denisa!

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In the Mood for Denisa

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Denisa flashes pussy at TeenDreamsEven though it’s over four years since Denisa first arrived at TeenDreams, I’m still crazy for her! Sure, there are plenty of times when the newer TeenDreams girls catch your eye – after all, there’s so much competition with over 5,000 girls to chose from inside TeenDreams! But there are still plenty of times when you think “It doesn’t matter who’s the latest addition or my newest favorite, I’m in the mood for Denisa!”

And it’s good to know that there’s plenty of Denisa inside TeenDreams to satisfy those moods! 56 image sets (totalling 6,344 pictures) and 18 movies, to be precise! And today I’m in the mood to watch Denisa teasing in her red party dress (without anything on underneath) before she takes it off and bends over the table! Join TeenDreams today and see where your mood takes you!

Denisa bends over the table inside TeenDreams

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Bathtime with Denisa

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Denisa at TeenDreamsDenisa masturbates in the bath at TeenDreamsHave you ever noticed how some girls are really quick when they take a bath or shower, whereas others are really slow? I mean really really slow!

Well, I’m guessing that Denisa will fall into the latter category, on the evidence of the excellent TeenDreams photoset from which these pictures are taken! But then again, when a girl looks as good as Denisa, who cares if she masturbates in the bath! Well, as long as she leaves the door open so that you can watch! And you can watch Denisa, as often as you like, when you become a member of TeenDreams! TeenDreams have over 6,000 pictures and 18 videos of Denisa for your (self-)pleasure! Just be careful not to leave the door open like Denisa did!

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Having the Hots for Denisa B!

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Denisa B teases us before getting naked at TeenDreams

Denisa shows us her amazing boobies at TeenDreams

For no immediate reason at all that I can think of, I had a dream about Denisa B. last night! Sadly though, I woke up before we had sex! Damn! Still, it gave me an excuse to write about one of my all time favorite TeenDreams girls! Because, I can tell you, I’ve had the hots for Denisa ever since she first appeared at TeenDreams way back in December 2005! Sheesh, that’s over four years of jerking off over Denisa!

And Denisa gives us plenty to jerk off about inside TeenDreams! 56 image sets and 17 movies, to be precise! That’s one heck of a collection!

But there’s no such thing as too much, not when it comes to Denisa! This girl is blessed with a perfect face and an even-better-than-perfect body! I mean, just look at those boobies! Wouldn’t you just love to…?

And Denisa’s pussy and behind are equally inviting! And you’ll get to see plenty of those too inside TeenDreams! Denisa is very open about showing the members everything! Yet another reason to keep coming back to this absolutely top-notch babe!

Denisa B is naked on the bed at TeenDreams

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Denisa Does It For Me – Again!!!

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I went out the other night, and got back home a little the worse for wear! But never knowing when enough is enough, I poured myself a drink and switched on the telly. I started watching one of those free soft-porn channels. And I must say it was good – some great girls, stripping off and getting off with girls and guys alike. But it was frustrating too, ‘cos they didn’t let you see the girls’ pussies, and certainly not the guys’ cocks!

So I went and fired up the computer. I knew exactly what I was going to play – a TeenDreams hardcore video! No problems with shy camerawork there! But when I went to the folder with all my recent TeenDreams videos in it, I remembered a solo girl video of Denisa which, for whatever reason (you can most probably guess!), I hadn’t seen all the way to the end before! I thought that would be a good prelude to the hardcore one that was going to be my finale!

I set Denisa playing! Oh my, she started off in a skimpy little outfit, complete with platform stripper shoes! It was, in the fact, the same outfit that she’s wearing in the pictures below – they are taken from the corresponding image set! Now, as regular readers will know, Denisa is a great favorite of mine (you can see all of my TeenDreamsBlog posts about Denisa), and, well, let’s just say that by the time Denisa has stripped off and finger-fucked her gorgeous pussy to a shuddering orgasm, Denisa had done it for me again!

If you’re into Denisa, I’d recommend that there is no better place than TeenDreams! Inside TeenDreams there are 56 complete picture sets (6,344 images in total) of Denisa, and 16 movies too! So join TeenDreams today and start downloading Denisa and all the other TeenDreams Girls!

Denisa gets her tits out at TeenDreams Denisa shows you her pussy at TeenDreams

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Denisa’s Latest TeenDreams Video

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Screen captures from Desnisa's latest TeenDreams videoA new video featuring the lovely Denisa was released into the TeenDreams members’ area yesterday, and, I have to say, it is absolutely brilliant! I should confess to being a great fan of Denisa, but all the same!…

It starts off with Denisa kneeling on the bed, sucking a lolipop. She’s wearing some white, pink and black trainers, a really tight white vest top, and some pink cotton knickers with a bunny rabbit and the words “good moon star and happy” written on them! Very cute! And very tight too! So much so, in fact, that there is some serious camel toe action going on, even before Denisa starts to rub herself through those panties! And the outfit complements Denisa’s figure perfectly; the top accentuates the size of her ample breasts, while at the same time her panties make her hips and behind look as slim as ever! Perfect!

Of course, things get even more perfect once Denisa peels that vest off to reveal her glorious boobs in all their glory! And then the camera zooms in to capture every detail of Denisa rolling her lolipop around and over her left nipple, making it all hard and sticky and shiny.

And it’s not only her nipple that gets all wet and sticky either! Before long Denisa has her hand inside her knickers, and the little bunny on the front of them gets pulled this way and that as Denisa pleaasures herself with her fingers!

But soon Denisa decides that it is time to set her pussy free of her panties, and she reaches off the bed to pick up her pink vibrator! She turns it on, but before setting it to work between her legs, she wets the end of it in her mouth in a cheeky simulation of a blow job! And it’s not only the vibrator that’s turned on – clearly Denisa is too! Soon that vibrator is being pumped in and out of her pussy and Denisa is starting to writhe and moan, until she climaxes in a shuddering orgasm!

And I bet Denisa’s orgasm will be the first of many that this video will be responsible for! After all, Denisa is a very popular girl at TeenDreams, where there are 51 picture sets and 11 videos of her for members to download! So join TeenDreams today and start appreciating Denisa at TeenDreams right away!

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Deal Yourself a Winning Hand with Denisa and Klara!

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Denisa B and Klara Smetanova at TeenDreams
Klara grabs two good handfuls at TeenDreamsI guess that we’ve all played some sort of stripping game at some time or other! Heck, one of my friends still blushes whenever she hears “Hi, Ho, Silver Lining”!

And who wouldn’t want to join in with Klara and Denisa in their game! I certainly would, for one! The girls are both looking great, and this new TeenDreams photoset starts off with Denisa already down to her knickers and Klara not far behind, in just her bra and panties! So, as you can imagine, it doesn’t take long before both girls are naked and making out on the bed!

And in the picture to the left, I’d say it is Klara who has the winning hand! Or, to be more precise, the winning hands! After all, who wouldn’t want to grab a hold of Denisa’s magnificent breasts! I certainly would, for one! But I have to say that I’d be tempted to introduce another part of my anatonmy into the equation of that position as well!

And I should imagine that plenty of TeenDreams members will be grabbing hold of something-or-other (and I don’t mean their mice) as they review this excellent photoset which consists of over 250 images, in which we see Denisa and Klara pleasuring each other in all sorts of positions! And some of the photos are beautifully explicit – the only thing left to the imagination is “which girl would I go for (first) if I were there on that bed with them”!

So why not exercise your imagination today! Imagine the fun that you could have with Denisa and Klara once you have become a TeenDreams member! As well as this photoset, you’d have access to over 5,000 pics and ten videos of Denisa, and more than 2,500 pics and five videos of Klara! And then there are more than 5,600 other TeenDreams girls to consider as well! Just imagine…

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Denisa in her see-through negligee!

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Friday brought the members at TeenDreams this excellent new image set from Denisa! I’m not entirely sure why Denisa would be wandering around in the forest wearing a sexy black see-through negligee! But hey! D’you hear me complaining? I think not! ‘Cos Denisa is looking hot! I mean HOT! And I bet the members will get pretty hot as well, when they see how Denisa opens her legs and shows her pussy later on in the sequence!

And Denisa’s admirers are well-catered for at TeenDreams! Inside the members’ area there are now a total of 10 movies and 50 photsets featuring this fabulous Czech babe! 5,352 pictures! Whew! So join TeenDreams today and start downloading!

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Denisa stripping and masturbating on video!

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Denisa masturbates on video at TeenDreamsDenisa masturbates on video at TeenDreams“Czech babe Denisa looks super hot in this movie as she moves around in her sexy purple dress. Sliding off the dress shows of her perfect body and as her bra is taken off you will see the nicest breasts in the world. Now she is naked and horny she lays back on the couch and starts to twist her nipples and touch herself all over. Wasting no time she gets into the doggy position and finger fucks her pussy hard and fast. This makes her cry out with pleasure as her body shudders to an explosive orgasm.”

That’s how the people at TeenDreams describe this brilliant video, which was released today into the TeenDreams members’ area! I’ve got little to add really, other than to say that you so don’t want to miss this one – it’s always a joy to watch Denisa masturbate! And anyone who’s previously had the pleasure will know exactly what the guys mean when they say that she crys out when she climaxes! Quiet, she isn’t! Good girl, she is!

TeenDreams have loads of Denisa to keep her admirers happy! 48 picture sets and 10 videos to be precise! So join TeenDreams today and start downloading!!!

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Denisa and Zuzanna Chlubna – on video this time!

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Denisa licks on Zuzanna Chlubna's pussy at TeenDreamsYou may recall that some while back I was positively gushing with enthusiasm about a photoset that featured Denisa and Zuzanna Chlubna getting off together in the garden (Denisa and Zuzanna Chlubna – Gorgeous Gardeners)! Well, believe it or not, things have gotten even better today – because a video of the same scenario has just been released into the TeenDreams members’ area! And boy, is it wonderful!

The whole scene was re-done for the video, and the girls seem to be left pretty much to do their own (and each other’s) thing! The video starts off with the two girls messing about, and soon they are lifting up each other’s skirts and tops. At one point, Denisa decides to try to blow up Zuzanna’s tits, and this is when it all starts to get sexual between the two girls – what started off as a bit of fun gets serious! Dildos are produced, and soon Denisa is having an orgasm as Zuzanna fucks her with the dildo! Just at that point, though, the rain comes down! The girls run for shelter, and once they are in the dry, Denisa helps Zuzanna to a fine orgasm as well!

The pictures accompanying this post were all taken from the video, which lasts just over 20 minutes. It’s great to see Denisa and Zuzanna having so much fun – first of all just larking about (Denisa is quite a character, totally “off the wall”), and then clearly enjoying the sex just as much!

Denisa and Zuzanna Chlubna at TeenDreamsDenisa and Zuzanna Chlubna at TeenDreams

There’s only one place to get all 200 pictures and the video of Denisa and Zuzanna in the garden together! Yes, you’ve guessed it! Join TeenDreams now and you could be watching these gorgeous and sexy girls’ antics within minutes! And I bet you’ll enjoy yourself just as much as they did! ;)

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