Lesbian Studies 101

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Cute teens study together at TeenDreams

Oh, I don’t know! The last time I checked in on Ira and Katia everything seemed normal. They were just sitting there, doing some homework; geometry, I think.

Ira helps Katia undress at TeenDreamsBut now, just a few minutes later, and look what’s happening! There’s no point in intervening, they’d only come up with some old cock and bull story about how they really are still studying, and didn’t I know that they were doing “Lesbian Studies 101″ this semester!

So I guess the best option is to retire to safe distance and observe! After all, it’s probably not everyday that you get the opportunity to observe a hot pair of teens getting even hotter as they make out together in the pursuit of academic excellence!

Well, not every day, unless you’re ready to become a member of TeenDreams, where there are more than 5,600 gorgeous girls captured in all sorts of action from solo girl, through girl/girl, and right on up to full-on boy/girl hardcore! Imagine that, 1.4 million girlie pictures and over 1,400 videos available for your pleasure, 24/7!

TeenDreams may not be particularly academic, but it is certainly very excellent!

Katia pleasures Ira's pussy at TeenDreams

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