All About Anett!

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Anett from TeenDreamsAnett in her short dress and stockingsThis is Anett from TeenDreams! One of the members commented, rather harshly I thought, “where are the tits???”  To which another replied “Anett, don’t mind about your titties, I love them!”, and another “It’s all about her hot face and ass. Titties are good, but not a necessity.” And, I have to say, I agree with the last two comments! Well, except the “all about” part! I think that this set’s about Anett’s outfit as well! I love that her short dress doesn’t even cover the tops of her black fishnet hold-ups! Could she dress more tartily if she tried? Short of leaving off the panties! Of course, Anett does take her panties off later on in the full TeenDreams photoset! But she keeps those stockings on though! Which makes her a top girl in my book, titties or no titties!

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