Natasha Marley Lesbian Photosets

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I was looking back through the TeenDreams posts about Marci, when I suddenly realised that her lesbian photosets have never been featured! So I’m going to fix that here and now!

Marci (Natasha Marley) in lesbian action, back in 2005

Yes, way back in 1995, when Marci was a relative newcomer to modelling, she did three girl/girl photosets, all with different girls,  and TeenDreams have them all!

Marci makes out with another gorgeous blonde teen

I don’t know two of the girls, but Marci’s partner in this third set is the famous Czech pornstar Jana Cova…

Marci goes down on Czech pornstar Jana Cova

All in all, TeenDreams have 20 photosets – that’s 2435 images – featuring Marci, who is also known as SweetMarci or Natasha Marley, which is her real name. So whether you are a long-time fan of Marci and want to fill in the holes in your collection, or are just getting into Marci for the first time, you know what to to! Join TeenDreams, and start downloading!

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Country Girl Marci!

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Marci from TeenDreamsCountry girl Marci at TeenDreamsI’ve always had a “thing” about country girls, ever since the days of Daisy Duke! And I should imagine that a lot of gentlemen of a certain age will have too! So I couldn’t resist showing you some pictures from a great new photoset that arrived in the TeenDreams members area only this week!

The babe in the pictures is Marci, and I know that it’s not long ago that I last wrote about Marci on the TeenDreamsBlog, but she is gorgeous! In fact, she is a top UK model (often known as Natasha Marley) and has appeared in most of the “lads’ mags”! But, of course, at TeenDreams, we get to see much more of Marci! All of her, in fact!

And at the end of the main photoset, TeenDreams have added some equally nice pics of Marci, in those same sexy white boots, stripping out of a nice white bra and knicker set! So I thought I would pass on the goodness with one of those pics too!

Natasha Marley shows everything at TeenDreams

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Marci on the Beach

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Marci on the beach at TeenDreamsThere are some guys who think that the “proper” place to photograph girls is in the bedroom, or at the very least indoors. Any departure from that location is considered a wasted opportunity! Well, I hope that you are not one of those people, because today I’ve brought you a couple of pics from a very glamourous photoshoot of Marci, taken on the beach around sunset. And, I must say, I like it very much!

And what is, I believe, indisputable is that Marci herself is looking absolutely scorching! As one of the TeenDreams members commented “[Marcie is] hands-down one of the most beautiful girls on this site, with arguably the nicest pair of boobs!” And, oh my goodness, don’t her boobs look fantastic in this set, with her beautiful tan, and that see-through top she’s wearing; well, it works for me!

But even if you are an agropornophobic, have no fear! Because, although Marci is outdoors today, in the other 16 great photosets of Marci that you’ll find inside TeenDreams, Marci is, most definitely, indoors! You can check out my other posts about Marci on the TeenDreamsBlog and you’ll see pics from some of them! And then you can download the full collection of her 2,274 images when you join TeenDreams!

Marci shows it all on the beach at TeenDreams

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Over the moon to the 60′s with Marci!

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Marci shows off her matching knickers at TeenDreamsMarci spreads her legs at TeenDreams
Marci lets us look at her perfect ass and pussy at TeenDreams
Marci is one of my all-time favourite girls, and so I’m over the moon to see this photoset that arrived in the TeenDreams members’ area today!

Marci’s looking great as always! Look how trim her figure is; just how great does her ass look, with or without her knickers on! And look how neat and trimmed she is “down there” – there’s nowhere that you wouldn’t wish to explore!

And I love the whole look and “feel” of this photoset! [ I'd love a feel of Marci even more, but that's a different story! :oops: ] It’s very “sixties”, isn’t it? You could almost expect to see a byeline under the pictures saying “Dress and matching knickers by Mary Quant, £10″! And, oh my goodness, there’s something super-sexy about a girl going out in knickers that match her dress; as if she’s expecting – or hoping, even – that they will be seen! In Marci’s case, of course, the TeenDreams members will all be making sure that she is not disappointed!

TeenDreams free tour Join TeenDreams
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Marci’s on top!

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Well, it’s 25th December, 2007! I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and festive season! I hope that you all have a great time! And I hope that these pictures of the fabulous Marci will further enhance your day!

Marci is all baby oiled up!Marci speads her pussy for the members!

Marci is an English girl, the pride of East Anglia, which is where a lot of our Christmas turkeys come from! So there are no end of bad puns to be made about Marci being a “tasty English bird”, and worse! Especially when you consider that she’s oiled herself up – she’s not oven-ready though, I hasten to add!

But it’s so darned sexy when you see a gorgeous girl like Marci with baby oil all over her body, you just imagine how it would feel to run your hands all over her, and, I must confess, how good it would be to rub *something* between those fabulous tits of hers! Judging by the second picture, though, Marci might have other ideas about where she’d like like her Christmas present! When you see the full picture set of 257 images, you may well end up having a couple more ideas of your own!

And you might be wondering the reason for the title of this post, “Marci’s on top!”. No, it’s not just wishful thinking on my behalf – although I certainly wouldn’t mind! :oops: But of all of the image sets and videos inside the TeenDreams members’ area, this sequence is the one with the highest average rating (as scored by the members themselves) of them all, which is an incredible accolade!

Why not check out some of Marci’s competition, and take a look at the TeenDreams free tour, where you’ll see a great selection from the 5,000+ girls to whom the TeenDreams members have access! You might even decide to treat yourself to a special extra prezzie!

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Marci – horny English rose!

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Marci from TeenDreamsWell, it’s Friday… I guess that some of us will be going out clubbing tonight! And, I have to say, I have seen some great girls in some great outfits at the clubs over the years! But even so, if I saw Marci dressed like this, my eyes would be out on stalks!

Marci is a fantastically beautiful girl, don’t you think! It has been said that she looks Eastern European; but she isn’t, she comes from East Anglia, here in the UK! And she has a fantastic body as well – and if you see the full set of pictures in this sequence, you will know what I’m talking about! You’ll see her gorgeous firm, ample breasts, her lovely round behind, and her neatly trimmed pussy!

But I’m getting ahead of myself! First she’ll tease you, slowly removing that sexy outfit for you! You might want to view this sequence in slide show mode, for obvious reasons!

If you would like to watch Marci strip out of her clubbing gear for you, you know what you need to do! Head over to TeenDreams! You might even decide to stay in tonight after all, playing host to more than TeenDreams 5,600 girls!

P.S. I just worked out that to watch the whole sequence of 257 pictures of Marci stripping and spreading, at 5 seconds per pic, it would take over 21 minutes! Could you last the distance?

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