Back to the Classroom at TeenDreams

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Danielle and Faye at TeenDreamsDanielle Maye and Faye X are two of my favourite British models at the moment, so it was a real treat to find them going back to the classroom together in this new adult schoolgirl photoset that appeared in the TeenDreams members’ area this week. And even moreso because I have never seen them together before – not really surprising when you consider that Danielle is based in Surrey, whereas Faye lives in the Midlands! But I digress!

In this fun photoset, Danielle is the teacher, and Faye is her sexy pupil. Faye takes presents to hear teacher – including the good old apple! – and is rewarded with a sex romp in the classroom! Hmmm, that never worked for me! But then I was never as pretty as Faye! And Faye knows all about using her looks! On Twitter she once wrote “Looks aren’t everything but you can’t wank over personality.”

And there really is plenty to wank about in this photoset! After all, you’ve got two gorgeous girls in stockings getting naked together and making sure that we all get a good eye-full of their beautiful hairless pussies! As they say, “What’s not to love!”

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Faye B. – English Girl Abroad

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Today I have brought you a gorgeous girl by the name of Faye B! She is quite new to TeenDreams, in that she first appeared in the members’ area in December! At present there are two videos and two image sets of Faye available for TeenDreams members to download, and these pictures are taken from the first of Faye B’s TeenDreams photosets!

And as you probably gathered from the title of this post, Faye B is an English girl. In fact, she is from Sheffield, famous in the past for its steel and cutlery, which was exported – and sought after – all around the world. But times change, and the steel industry has contracted, so Sheffield is now exporting gorgeous girls instead! Because, interestingly, Faye was photographed for TeenDreams in Budapest! Funny old world, isn’t it?

Still, enough of my ramblings! You probably want to concentrate on Faye taking off her dress and knickers, and then getting on with some serious masturbation! Oh, her, I meant, not you! Unless you want to of course! In which case, I would seriously recommend that you join join TeenDreams! Then you can really get into Faye, with over 330 pictures and 2 videos of her just waiting for your appreciation! And another Faye video is ready to be released into the members’ area very soon! So don’t miss out on Faye and all the other gorgeous TeenDreams girls! Treat yourself to Treat yourself to TeenDreams today!

Faye B from TeenDreamsFaye B pulls down her knickers at TeenDreamsSerious masturbation with Faye B inside TeenDreams

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