Two Nice Free Galleries

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Today I thought I would bring to your attention two rather nice free galleries which furnish some more pics from sequences that have previously been the subject of posts here on the TeenDreamsBlog. And the fact that they feature two of my favorite TeenDreams girls had no bearing on the matter! Of course not! Anyway, Margarita is on the left, and Anna Jitkova is on the right; just click on the images to see the full-sized galleries! And enjoy!

Margarita from TeenDreamsAnna Jitkova from TeenDreams

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More Margarita from TeenDreams!

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It was two weeks ago to the day that I wrote about Margarita, a gorgeous new teen who had just arrived at TeenDreams (see “Margarita from TeenDreams!“)! Well, since then two more photosets of her have appeared, and believe you me, they are every bit as good as the first, and I’ve been having to fight off the urge to write about each and every one of them! But today I’ve caved in! Why? Well, today Margarita’s first video has appeared in the TeenDreams members’ area! And Margarita is every bit as gorgeous when she’s on video as she is in still pictures!

Gorgeous teen Margarita on video at TeenDreams

As you can see, Margarita’s wearing (to start with at least) the same cute little outfit that she had on in that first photoshoot! And when her clothes come off, you see just how firm and squeezable her teenage body is! I know, that’s a very similar phrase to the one I used about Joy (see “Joy to the World of TeenDreams!“), but it’s every bit as true of Margarita as it is of Joy! I can tell you, if I had to chose between Joy and Margarita, well, I couldn’t! Fortunately, though, I don’t have to! Inside TeenDreams I can have either, whenever I want! And so could you! Just join TeenDreams today and you’ll have access to photos and videos of more than 5,600 gorgeous girls! As for me, though, today I’m sticking with Margarita!

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Margarita from TeenDreams!

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Gorgeous teen Margarita from TeenDreams

This is Margarita from TeenDreams! She was born in February 1991, which makes her nineteen years old, although sometimes she doesn’t look it! I guess her sweet, innocent smile and her extremely cutesy little outfit contribute to that! But as you can see, when Margarita strips off, she has quite a pair of gorgeous titties to entertain us with, until her panties come off! After that, you never know, you’ll probably cum off as well, when you look through Margarita’s full picture set inside TeenDreams!

Margarita - possibly the cutest teen everMargarita takes her panties off inside TeenDreams

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