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I was unashamedly looking forward to seeing Alina’s first girl/girl photoset, even though I was expecting it to be pretty soft! After all, she is (as you probably know by now) one of my most favorite TeenDreams girls! And I wasn’t at all disappointed as I looked through the first pics in the series; Alina is teamed up with another cute blonde, Bryana, I couldn’t have been happier! But whoa, what’s this, just thirty pics in and Alina has got a huge strap-on dildo in her hand…

Alina and Bryana contemplate a huge strap-on dildo at TeenDreams

… it’s gotta be just a tease though, right? Wrong! Alina wastes little time in putting it on, and after Bryana has given Alina’s make-believe penis a blowjob, Alina fucks her cute blonde girlfriend! Well, not strictly “fucks”, I guess; because it goes straight into her ass!…

Alina fucks Bryana's ass with her strap-on dildo

Wow! I really never thought I’d see Alina doing this sort of stuff! But that’s not all! Once the girls have finished with the strap-on, out comes the massager, and this time it’s Alina on the recieving end!

Bryana rubs Alina's clit with the massager at TeenDreams

You’ll be able to download all of Alina and Bryana’s wonderful pictures (169 in this photoset) just as soon as you join TeenDreams! Plus there are 11 other photosets of Alina and two movies as well for you to enjoy! Oh, and I nearly forgot, there are some 5,600 other lovely girls waiting for you inside TeenDreams as well!

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