Hardcore Threesome at TeenDreams

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Imagine the scene; two sexy TeenDreams girls have finished their workout and are so busy gossiping that they walk into the men’s locker room by mistake! And guess what – there’s an exceptionally well-hung guy there by himself! So the two girls seduce him, then and there! Ha ha, not that he needed much encouragement! I mean, if you had the chance to fuck these two hot blondes, you wouldn’t be saying no either, right?

Lenka rides the cock as Christina Lee licks her pussy

The threesome goes on for ages – which is a good thing! After all, the guy wants you to watch him having both girls in as many sexual positions as he can manage before he explodes! And, of course, in the end he does explode, covering their pretty faces with him cum!

Christina Lee and Lenka kiss after getting messy facials

I bet he didn’t expect to see Christina and Lenka start kissing with tongues after he’d facialized them though! I certainly didn’t! What a brilliant surprise at the end of this hardcore threesome from TeenDreams! But that’s what happens inside TeenDreams; you never know what brilliant surprises – and gorgeous girls – you’re going to cum across next!

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