Caprice and Lola

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In my experience, it’s a very rare thing to find yourself a girlfriend who’ll let you watch her at play with her girlfriend! Of course, what she may or may not get up to while you’re off at football on a Saturday is an entirely different matter! Luckily for us, though, Caprice and Lola don’t seem to mind us watching – in fact I think they rather like the idea!

Caprice and Lola from TeenDreams

But once they get into it – and each other – they seem to forget that there’s anyone else in the room. Until they are both satisfied, if you know what I mean! And then they look round at us, all smiles.

Brown-eyed girls - Caprice and Lola from TeenDreams

And another really good thing about Caprice and Lola is that we don’t have to miss the match to watch them! Because once you’ve joined TeenDreams, you can look at their photoset whenever you like! And if you fancy playing away, well, there are around 6,000 other girls waiting on the bench!

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