Hardcore Threesome at TeenDreams

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Imagine the scene; two sexy TeenDreams girls have finished their workout and are so busy gossiping that they walk into the men’s locker room by mistake! And guess what – there’s an exceptionally well-hung guy there by himself! So the two girls seduce him, then and there! Ha ha, not that he needed much encouragement! I mean, if you had the chance to fuck these two hot blondes, you wouldn’t be saying no either, right?

Lenka rides the cock as Christina Lee licks her pussy

The threesome goes on for ages – which is a good thing! After all, the guy wants you to watch him having both girls in as many sexual positions as he can manage before he explodes! And, of course, in the end he does explode, covering their pretty faces with him cum!

Christina Lee and Lenka kiss after getting messy facials

I bet he didn’t expect to see Christina and Lenka start kissing with tongues after he’d facialized them though! I certainly didn’t! What a brilliant surprise at the end of this hardcore threesome from TeenDreams! But that’s what happens inside TeenDreams; you never know what brilliant surprises – and gorgeous girls – you’re going to cum across next!

So go on – surprise yourself – Join TeenDreams today!

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All Hot and Wet with Lenka at TeenDreams

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Lenka’s a really lovely blonde with a body that you would just want to touch all over! Especially when you see her getting all hot and wet in the shower! And as you watch Lenka touch herself all over in this sexy new photoset from TeenDreams, you might well be tempted to touch yourself too! Not all over, perhaps, but certainly where it counts, it would be hard not to! And after, you might just need to make use of that shower yourself!

So if you like looking at sexy girls like Lenka – and who doesn’t? – I’d strongly recommend that you get yourself a TeenDreams membership! There are more than 5,600 gorgeous girls like Lenka inside the TeenDreams members’ area – that’s one heck of a lot of girls for your buck!

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Lenka looks even better on video!

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Lenka on video at TeenDreamsA wonderfully arousing video arrived in the TeenDreams members’ area at the end of this week! It features the gorgeous Lenka, who we have met before on the TeenDreamsBlog, and who won the September “Members’ Model of the Month” competition!

The video itself is very simple; Lenka walks into the room dressed only in a very sexy bra and panties set. After some long, lingering camera shots, Lenka moves over to the bed, where she starts to caress her own body in a very sensuous manner! Some girls look great in pics, but don’t really “pull it off” (if you’ll pardon the expression!) on video – but Lenka is not like that at all; if anything she is sexier on video than in stills… and that’s really saying something!

Eventually Lenka slowly removes her bra, to reveal her superb tits, and then, finally, she pulls down her panties! Her body is perfect, there is nowhere that you wouldn’t want to go! And there’s nowhere that Lenka doesn’t want us to see either!

Frankly, if you watch this video and then have to stand up straight away, you might be in big trouble… as in “Is that a gun in your pocket or have you been watching that Lenka video again!”

As you’ve no doubt guessed, you’ll need to become a TeenDreams member to see the whole video… but when you consider that there are over 1,320 videos and more that 5,600 girls inside TeenDreams, that’s not such a bad thing at all, is it? And you can always find out more about the TeenDreams experience by having a look at the TeenDreams free tour!

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Lenka – Members’ Model of the Month, September 2007

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Lenka - Teendreams Member's Model of the Month for September 2007Congratulations to Lenka, who proved herself to be 2 hot 4 her rivals, winning the “Members’ Model of the Month” competition for September!

This was one of the closest fought MotM competitions in living memory! Lenka and Brigitta were neck and neck throughout; first one girl would take the lead, then the other, with Lenka winning by just four votes in the end!

And there was a fair bit of lively debate in the members’ forum as well, with various members putting the case for their favoured candidate!

I must say, though, that Lenka does look darned hot in that outfit, don’t you agree? And that denim mini – it’s just so short that she’d have to wear panties with it, surely? You could be forgiven for thinking that, but you might just be wrong!

Why not become a TeenDreams member and see what’s under Lenka’s skirt for yourself! You won’t be disappointed, I promise you!

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Lenka succumbs to temptation!

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Lenka from TeenDreams

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing Lenka to you! As you can see, Lenka is a fabulous blonde with an amazing body – the sort of body that you would love to run your hands all over, and especially her perfect ass!

Lenka knows exactly what she’s got, and how much you want her! She wants to tempt you – that is why, at the begining of the image set from which this picture is taken, she is offering you an apple; the same apple of temptation that Eve offered to Adam!

Go on, succumb to Lenka’s charms, take a bite of her apple, give way to temptation! Lenka’s waiting for you inside TeenDreams, where she’ll slip off those wicked little panties, and then you’ll see how she relieves herself with her favourite toy, when the tempation gets too much for her!

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