Nella becomes distracted!

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Nella from TeenDreamsThis image is taken from a terrific set of 363 images that was released into the TeenDreams members area today!

In the photoset, Nella is downstairs in the laundry room, loading the washing machine. It seems that there isn’t a full load, so she decides to pop in the clothes she is wearing as well. Of course, as she undresses, she gets distracted, and starts to caress her lovely lithe body, with the (thankfully) inevitable consequence that she ends up masturbating right there on top of the washing machine!

I have to say that, although it may be a little cold and damp down there in the basement, Nella soon warms the place up! Something certainly gets very hot and wet!

And I’m sure that a good number of TeenDreams members will be getting hot under the collar themselves as they gaze upon Nella’s body, for this is an extremely explicit photoset! Nella isn’t shy when it comes to showing all (and then some!!!) for the camera!

Members of TeenDreams already know Nella very well – there are over 2,700 pictures and five videos of her in the members’ area!

With six updates each and every weekday, there’s always something inside TeenDreams to keep the members’ interest up! Check out the TeenDreams free tour today for a taster of what you could so easily have!

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