In the shower with Sonia Red and Zuzanna Chlubna!

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Sonia and Zuzanna forget to undress before getting in the shower!Two gorgeous teen bodies!
I guess that we all have our own favourite girls that just get us going! Well, two of mine are Sonia Red and Zuzanna Chlubna! And here they are, together, in the shower! And to make the scene even more erotic, they don’t even fully undress before they turn on the water! Watch as their panties get soaked and stick to their lovely teen behinds, becoming ever more opaque with each picture! Perfect! But it doesn’t stop there either! The girls can’t keep their hands off each other, and soon Sonia’s knickers are round her knees and Zuzanna is rubbing on Sonia’s clit! And that’s just the start of things! The floodgates open onto a fest of kissing, licking and finger-fucking!

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Peaches and Sonia Red – it started off innocently enough!

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Peaches and Sonia at TeenDreamsAs you can see, it started off innocently enough!

Peaches and Sonia were working on their project together, but all too soon Sonia lost her concentration and started trying to distract Peaches too. Try as Peaches might, she couldn’t keep her mind on study, not once Sonia had started fooling around. And when they kissed, there was no going back for either girl! Their pent up desire for one another was unleashed, and the study session turns into a passionate lesbian session in which tongues, fingers and dildos knew no limits!

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